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Young World-Class English Literature Producers in India: Dr. Prasana Kumar

Dr. Prasana Kumar

Dr. Prasana Kumar MA, Ph.D. and D.Lit in English is a world class poet. He also teaches English at Odhisa, in an exclusive interview with the Only Kashmir.in, Dr. Prasana talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

Tell us a bit about your beginnings?

My name is Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai born on 07.06.1973 in a typical small village in Nandiagada under Kabisurjyanagar block of Ganjam district in Odisha. I come from a middle-class farming family. I did my education and college education in Kabisurjyanagar, MA English and Ph.D. from Berahmur University.

Who are your favorite authors and who are you influenced by?

My favorite authors are John Keats, WB Yeats and John Donne.

Where are you currently teaching?
I work as an English teacher in Kabisurjya Baladev vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Kabisurjyanagar Ganjam.

Some of the favorite poems written by you?

My authorized poems are secrets of torment, Farewell Forever, Till the Dusk and much more.

What is your favorite genre?

My favorite genre is the Romantic. I used to write with little poetic images with deep meanings.

How do you see the growth of literature in Odhisa?

The future of Odhisa literature is quite bright. The culture and history of Odhisa is known to everyone all over the world. Now contemporary writers are doing so well for the promotion of literature. Odisha and the Indian government also support writers for the promotion of literature.

A little about your works, in particular your books?

Various world class writers used to write in different colors and tastes I have a genre which is romantic it’s quite hard to focus in one genre it doesn’t mean I don’t write in another kind. Lots of focus and hard work to accomplish anything. I feel really proud somewhere.

How do you see prose writing?

Yes, writing Prose is a completely different technique, completely different from poetry. It has more precision than poetry my poetry is full of images that carry a lot of meaning. But somewhere, prose is more important in everyday professional life.

Your views on Indian writing traditions, especially young writers?

Now I can’t defenestrate the young English writers who are ruling the world you will be surprised that maximum number of Indian writers have shown their talent to the world it’s just patience and hard work without any panky handkerchief.

Young writers are honored as they produce world-class English literature in India. I am proud of myself that I am a small particle of young writers from India. Everything can be achieved by will and determination.

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