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BENGALURU: Growing up, we all heard that handwriting is a skill that never fades. However, over the years, writing has become less and less common thanks to the gadgets that have invaded our existence. But Imran Baig, Founder of Global Penmanship Academy, a handwriting analyst, strives to rekindle people’s love of writing and help them shape their future using the power of a pen.

“It’s a skill that a lot of us have but just don’t know the right approach, and that’s why my workshops are useful for them,” says Baig, who takes three weekend classes, teaching at the the different tools for writing. and how to achieve the speed they want.

Baig earned his certification in 2004 from Handwriting University International, California, at the age of 21, making him the youngest individual in the world to leave college. He has developed specialized programs on the development of handwriting for children and grapho-therapy for adults.

“Since children are growing, starting them early is a good approach. In this way, they will learn which pen or pencil is best for them, depending on the structure of their fingers. They will also learn the right writing speed so they can attend their exams more efficiently,” he says.

“As for adults, finding their right signature is the most important factor because they are often influenced by something we observed growing up. Through the workshops, I help them analyze and understand which style highlights their personality. It will also help in the development of their personality,” adds Baig.

He points out that handwriting therapy — usually done after a detailed analysis of a person’s overall personality by studying their handwriting — is a great way to understand a person’s compatibility.

“Even though the workshop I took before Valentine’s Day wasn’t really related to the day, it’s important to talk about how writing it can help understand your compatibility with another person. In a world of texting and typing, I try to encourage people to write more, rewire their way of thinking and presenting themselves, and develop their personality along the way,” says Baig, who points out that comments like “Thank you for introducing me to myself” from those who attended his workshop is why he does what he does.

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