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Woman arrested for misleading people on behalf of MP

Shorapur police arrested a woman accused of misusing the name of MP Narasimha Nayak (Rajugowda) during a phone conversation with a man to offer him a job. The woman has been identified as Rekha MN

Police intervened after Mr Nayak filed a complaint when an audio tape containing the voice of the accused and the man dragging his name went viral.

Police Superintendent CB Vedamurthy, who issued a press note here on Wednesday, said a team of senior police officers led by Shorapur Police Inspector Sunil Mulimani and Station Police Inspector Bapugowda CEN had been formed to investigate the matter and take further action.

The team conducted the investigation based on the voice of the man in the audio tape and interviewed several people who were allegedly deceived by Rekha and her associate Erappagowda. Both, according to the police, lured people by offering them jobs for money. The team then arrested the woman.

During interrogation, it emerged that the two deceived people and collected several hundred thousand rupees from them for jobs in a bank set up by the defendant through a trust, said Dr. Vedamurthy.

He said the accused confessed that she had never met Mr. Nayak and did not know him personally.

“She used to hang around the name of the MP while talking to people just to raise money from them, while offering them jobs. The accused collected more than ₹20 lakh from three people after offering them jobs. But the number of people deceived by the accused is likely to increase,” he added.

Police have launched a search for Erappagowda, the superintendent of police said and added that the general public should be careful and not be swayed by anyone offering them jobs for money.

Basavaraj, Shivasharanappa, Savitha, Bannamma and Latha, all police department personnel, were part of the team.

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