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Wipro Expands Drug Safety Capabilities and Acquires Regulatory Literature Oversight Services from Springer Nature

Wipro introduced regulatory literature oversight for pharmaceutical organizations by entering into a managed services engagement with Springer Nature.

Krishna Nacha, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Business Services and Business Transformation, iCORE, Wipro Ltd., said, “Over the past 18 months, improving patient safety has become paramount. in the whole world. Organizations working with Wipro, a leader in the PV space, will benefit from ICSR literature services that have been developed over 15 years for a client base that includes 19 global life science companies.

Drug safety, called Pharmacovigilance (PV), consists of the detection, collection, prevention and monitoring of negative effects that may arise from the use of pharmaceuticals and other drugs. PV departments of life science organizations, to meet drug safety requirements, take advantage of literature monitoring which includes annual reports, periodic safety update reports, monitoring of drug reports. ‘individual case study (ICSR), among others.

Matthias Wissel, CEO of Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions, said: “The pharmacovigilance industry has grown rapidly over the years and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine development efforts have not made increase the need for more effective pharmacovigilance practices. I am convinced that the transition of our ADIS Pharmacovigilance business to Wipro Limited will improve their collective capacities and offer our colleagues new opportunities. Additionally, Wipro’s expertise in the field and investment in innovative and progressive platforms, such as TaloSafe and other new technologies, will further strengthen relationships with existing and new customers.

TaloSafe enables organizations to automate end-to-end photovoltaic processes and represents the expertise developed by Wipro in the life sciences field over the past decade.

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