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Will end ‘PC culture’, BJP promises in poll manifesto – The New Indian Express


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BHUBANESWAR: The BJP released its manifesto for the upcoming panchayat elections on Thursday and vowed to end the “percentage commission” (PC) culture if it wins the polls.

BJP leaders release election manifesto
for panchayat elections to party office
in Bhubaneswar on Thursday | IRFANA

BJP state chairman Samir Mohanty said the bloc’s panchayat and offices had become dens of corruption under the BJD rule and people were frustrated with the ruling party.

“The BJP will end the culture of percentage commission in panchayats and blocks where a recipient of PMAY housing has to pay a commission of Rs 20,000 after house allocation and Rs 2,000 for assistance in under the Swachh Bharat program,” the manifesto reads.

While a large number of eligible households are incessantly waiting for housing assistance under the PMAY due to massive corruption in the selection of beneficiaries, the saffron party has promised to make special arrangements to provide them with assistance in under the central system.

Focusing on the farming community, the BJP said it would streamline the paddy procurement process by abolishing the existing online token distribution system and reducing the monopoly of paddy farmers in mandis.

Alleging that cooperative societies, especially Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS), are mismanaged due to interference by local BJD leaders and that a large number of farmers do not get short-term loans term, the BJP has further assured to ensure that all farmers get loans. at an interest rate of 2%.

He also castigated the BJD government for abusing central aid. “We will act as the depository of the funds provided by the Center and ensure that the central schemes reach the intended beneficiaries,” he said.

The BJP has also pledged to establish self-help groups for unemployed youths in line with women’s SHGs and equal facilities will be provided for them to undertake micro-economic activities.

Alleging that only five percent of WSHGs in the state are eligible for vocational training, the BJP promised to provide large-scale vocational training to all women’s groups to empower them.

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