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Why do people prefer to work, to live in the city?

Hyderabad: Considered the most livable city in the country, Hyderabad is the destination for people from various parts of the country to work and settle.

With its affordable cost of living, cosmopolitan culture, temperate climate, the best civic infrastructure, ease of travel, warmth of people, world-class healthcare facilities, availability of talent and the vast economic opportunities it offers. it offers in a multitude of sectors, this technological pole is already one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

The refined blend of tradition and modernity, a historic town with ‘Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb’, a mini-India that is home to all cultures, lip-smacking cuisine, the dynamism it offers and the impressive growth it offers. ‘she continues to record attracting people from all parts of the country.

The booming metropolis with century-old minarets and glittering computer towers dot its sky, has become South India’s premier real estate destination. It recently overtook Bangalore as the city with the highest demand for commercial space. However, office and commercial space rentals are still lower compared to other metros.

Real estate sector in Hyderabad

As the real estate sector in Hyderabad remains resilient even during the Covid-19 pandemic and things now look bright, the City of Pearls is expected to grow at an even faster rate, according to industry experts.

Even during the months when India and the world were reeling from the pandemic, many families were exploring the possibility of buying property to make their dream home in Hyderabad.

“Cosmopolitan Hyderabad, with increasing opportunities in the IT and service industries, has drawn people from all over India to choose it as the perfect destination to settle. About 20-25% of all residential real estate is purchased by non-Telugu and North Indian people. In addition to opportunity, weather and affordability are common reasons for these people to choose Hyderabad, ”said Sarith Kumar Jonnala, Vice President, Hyderabad Realtors Association.

Reports suggest that Hyderabad’s real estate sector showed growth in demand and supply during the July-September 2021 quarter, with 1,100 to 1,300 square feet for 2BHK and 1,500 to 2,500 square feet. for the remaining popular 3BHK units.

“People who come to this city from other parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh or anywhere in India fall in love with the heat of Hyderabad. The employment and business opportunities generated here are unprecedented for a city of this size, and these opportunities will increase further over time, ”said Peddi Srinivas of Welspaces, a real estate consultancy.

As the city continues to attract new investment across all sectors, the office and residential segments are experiencing robust growth.

Home of the world’s tech giants

Home to the largest campuses of global tech giants outside of their headquarters in the United States, Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Asia-Pacific.

“Hyderabad is known for its cosmopolitan attitude. The diverse nature of the population makes any foreigner feel at home. While cities like Bengaluru have witnessed attacks against Indians from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, and especially against those from the northeastern states, Hyderabad has hosted them all, ”said one analyst.

For centuries, Hyderabad has accepted people from all over the world. From Turks to Iranians and Arabs to Africans and British, all have been welcomed by this city.

The City of Pearls continues to welcome people from all over the world, as evidenced by the large number of people of various nationalities working in the tech giants.

Already well established in information technology and pharmacy, the city has experienced considerable growth in recent years in sectors such as aerospace and defense and life sciences. During the pandemic, it also became the global vaccination hub.

According to a research report from PropTiger, Hyderabad has overtaken Bengaluru and Chennai in terms of residential demand and supply in recent quarters.

“This city can geographically spread over unlimited borders, which will ensure that real estate costs will never exceed a certain level and remain affordable for the middle class population,” said Dr Kiron, President and CEO of SuchirIndia .

“Many favorable policies introduced by the state government not only make Hyderabad a popular investment destination, but will also continue to keep it in the top tier of ambitious destinations for work and living,” Kiron said. , whose company is currently building a project, Tales. from Greek near Hyderabad airport.

The most dynamic city in the world

For those who have made Hyderabad their home, the city has established itself as a natural choice. Hyderabad has been selected as the most dynamic city in the world in the JLL City Momentum Index 2020.

Hyderabad was ranked the best city to live in India for the fifth consecutive year in the Mercer’s Quality of Living (India) -2019 ranking.

The city was ranked the best city to live and work in India in a survey conducted by the destination discovery site Holidify.com. The city secured the top spot scoring 4.0 out of 5, beating cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.

“I have worked in a few other parts of India, including Bengaluru. But nowhere have I felt the positive vibes I have in Hyderabad. I live here, my family lives here, my son, who was born here, calls this town his home, ”said Nitin Tanksale, originally from Chhattisgarh who moved here to work.

“Making friends is easy here, and we have a lot of them. Excellent work opportunities in Hyderabad also brought some other relatives to me in this city. After living in Hyderabad for almost 16 years, we all feel like real Hyderabadis not by our time of stay but by the culture, language and traditions of the city which have embraced us, ”he said. declared.

“Hyderabad has given us many memorable experiences. The city is vast in geography, and very close when it comes to the warmth of the people. Traveling to Hyderabad is not as difficult when I compare the same with other metropolitan cities. This is my new home, and it will remain one for many years to come, ”said Abhijit Seth, from Madhya Pradesh.

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