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“Who knew that one day people would notice the movement of your neck 10 years ago!” “

Actor Pankaj Tripathi is so famous he has memes around his neck! And not just one or two memes, but there are several memes pages dedicated to how Tripathi can even state through his neck. The 45-year-old actor’s popularity has grown in recent years, and the actor believes the maturity of the audience has a big reason for that.

“Who knew the public would notice and talk about your neck movements (on the internet)!” Viewers have changed now and they are now noticing every little thing, ”he says.

It wasn’t until after some time that Tripathi only learned of the popularity of his neck after the memes went viral. “I learned very late that there were such memes and all (laughs). And most of the time you can never really understand the origin of this meme, but in my case, I found out that there is this young man, by the name of Naveen Kukreja from Mumbai, who made this meme. . And yes, it was great, ”he laughs.

Tripathi and his neck (along with the rest of his body) will soon be seen in Kabir Khan’s “83”, based on the Indian cricket team’s victory at the 1983 World Cup under captain Kapil Dev.

“I have no recollection of our World Cup victory because we didn’t even have a radio back then,” he said.

But the fact that he has no recollection of it had little impact on how Tripathi prepared for his role as PR Man Singh since unlike Kapil Dev and his Devils, Singh’s contribution is largely gone unnoticed.

“He was not a player, so he was not in front of this winning effort. Everyone knows the contribution of the players, but no one knew their contributions. He was the man behind the curtains. So people don’t know much about his contribution. Everyone will see what it was now, ”he said.

The secret to Tripathi’s success is to act in an engaging manner. It was not easy, although it sounds like it. For Tripathi, it must make sense, even if it’s as small as a simple tilt of the neck. “It all has to do with your soul and where it comes from,” he says, adding that his effort as an actor is not just to act, but to try to make the scene more appealing to audiences. .

“It depends a lot on experience, time and knowledge of the trade. I won’t say that there is pressure on me to perform, but it’s more of a responsibility. People have expectations now, so there is this responsibility not to disappoint, ”he says.

“There’s a good balance between finding flaws in a character, and also trying to find things that are good about him, or that make him a better person. Even more so if he’s a slightly negative character. The idea is to find things that make that negative character a good person because I don’t believe you were born as a totally negative character, ”he concludes.

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