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Which countries have banned TikTok?


TIKTOK, a popular video platform used to share stories, fashion, music, dance and more, has been banned in many countries around the world.

With the number of TikTok users increasing every day around the world, one really wonders why countries like India would want to keep it away from their boarders.


TikTok banned in several countries

Which country is TikTok currently banned from?

In June 2020, India decided to ban TikTok for good.

As a result of border disputes with China, India threw TikTok and more than 200 Chinese apps out of the country.

The ban became permanent in 2021, cutting nearly 2,000 jobs linked to the platform.

Indian influencers at TikTok and other users whose main form of income came from the platform are scrambling to find and build new careers on different legal social media sites, such as Instagram.

However, old TikTok users and content creators in India are really struggling. India today, spoke with Geet, a TikToker in the country who was greatly affected by the ban.

She told them, “I had a lot of projects that immediately ended with the TikTok ban. It was a challenge, rebuilding what I had on TikTok on other platforms… TikTok, to my opinion, was a unique platform with an incredible, very diverse and very tolerant user base. “

Which countries have tried to ban TikTok?

Pakistan is the most recent country to attempt to ban TikTok from its country. The first time they attempted this ban was in October 2020.

They attempted to ban the app for the fourth time in July 2021, under the provisions of the Electronic Crime Prevention Act 2016.

Pakistan rolled back each of the four bans after the platform agreed to regulate content and remove nearly 6 million videos, including content made in Pakistan.

A few years ago, Indonesia and Bangladesh also attempted to ban TikTok due to the increase in pornography and gambling in their countries. They also believed that banning the platform would help curb inappropriate content interpreted as insulting the country’s religion and culture.

Both countries lifted their bans and allowed the platform to resume service once TikTok agreed to regulate its content.

US tries to ban TikTok in 2020


US tries to ban TikTok in 2020Credit: Reuters

Why has TikTok been banned in these countries?

The violation of national security and the deterioration of religion and culture appear to be growing concerns and major arguments against TikTok in countries around the world.

TikTok has done its best to comply with the regulations of each country mentioned.

However, India’s ban on the platform does not appear to be lifted any time soon.

Has TikTok ever been banned in the United States?

In September 2020, the former The American President, Donald trump, tried to to prohibit TikTok claiming it was a threat to national security.

Concerns about user privacy and data collection have been raised against the platform.

TikTok and a handful of its influencers then filed a lawsuit against Trump who blocked the ban and no action has been taken since.

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