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What are the popular government programs for unemployed in India?

The economic distress that surrounds us leaves much of the country tripped up and jobless. Unemployment is kind of an insidious problem in India, don’t you think? Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an even more devastating effect on the country, leading to increased unemployment.

In addition, the consequences of unemployment are much greater and also have adverse effects on the economy. It is precisely for this cause that the government has set up several programs for the unemployed. You can find them all here! So let’s continue.

Let us discuss some of the government initiatives that support the educated but unemployed people of India, and here they are:

  1. Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana

To solve the unemployment problem, the Indian government installed Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana (PMRY). This program aims to provide self-employment opportunities to tens of thousands of unemployed educated teenagers. The main concept of this strategy is self-employment in rural areas, which is seen as the most effective way to solve the growing problem of unemployment.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide unemployed but educated young people with easy subsidized financial support. The sole objective of the program is to encourage participants to develop their own businesses in the manufacturing, business, service and trade sectors.

  1. Saksham Yuva Yojana

If you think, “what is Saksham Youva Yojana?” No worries, you are covered. This is an evolutionary initiative of the Haryana State Government and focuses on the betterment and welfare of unemployed and educated youth. of a program started in 2106 for unemployed youth. Well, the main objective of the project is to provide these educated young people with monthly financial assistance. It focuses and aims to provide employment opportunities among them and to place in different departments of the state government.

All state government departments, colleges, and councils must notify the employment service of job vacancies. The employment service will send graduates SMS and email alerts on vacant positions. They can also use the Saksham Yuva platform to post their job vacancies for job seekers.

  1. Prime Minister’s Job Creation Program

The main objective of this program was to promote employment opportunities in rural and urban areas by creating new self-employment businesses, projects and micro-enterprises. It helps train all local traditional artisans, as well as rural and urban children, under the program to turn their skills into profit-generating businesses.

  1. Agricultural loan

Agricultural loans are a very important program for unemployed people working in agriculture. Unemployed agricultural graduates aged 22 and over can apply for the program and start their own business in the promising field. Under this initiative, the Indian government is working with many banks and NBFCs to help unemployed youths in the agricultural sector.

  1. Unemployment insurance

Although there is no unified or centralized unemployment insurance plan provided to all unemployed people in India, there are a few government schemes that provide unemployment compensation.

The Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) offers two unemployment compensation schemes: the Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojna (RGSKY) and the Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojna (ABVKY) (ABVKY). The Employees’ Public Insurance Act 1948 (the Act) was enacted to provide benefits to employees working in factories and other establishments such as shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, restaurants, theaters and other places of entertainment in the event of sickness, maternity or work injury, as well as to arrange for certain other matters relating to these benefits.

In addition to granting unemployment compensation to those who are entitled to it, the law also provides a number of other benefits.

The factory or any other establishment to which this law applies must employ at least ten employees or have employed at least ten people during any day during the preceding 12 months. To receive benefits under the Act, the individual must be an “insured person”, which is defined as a person who is or was an employee for whom contributions are or were payable under this Act and who is or was entitled to one of the benefits granted by this Act. So if you are insured, you know he has an advantage over you.

Under this Act, a corporation, the Employees National Insurance Corporation, is established and a contribution is paid, which is a sum of money payable to the corporation by the principal employer in respect of an employee . And it includes any amount payable by or on behalf of the employee under the provisions of this Act.

All contributions made under this Act, as well as all monies received on behalf of the company, shall be deposited in the employees’ state insurance fund, which is owned and administered by a company for the purposes of the this law. Consequently, the benefits and sums provided for in this Act are paid out of this fund.


Searching for jobs that serve you well is tiring – and quite a lengthy process too. It is also never in our hands most of the time. This is why you need to take advantage of these government programs and make the most of them.

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