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West Bengal: More than 1,100 stalls sell progressive Marxist literature during the festive season


Kolkata: More 1,100 stalls of Marxist studies are arranged to dot the landscape in West Bengal during the In progress fall festival in the state, including Durga Puja.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) Where CPI(M), which go running more than 90% ofto Marxist literature stalls, decided to use the stalls as outposts not only for sale progressive literature but also to support the poor during the current festivities.

Outside CPI(M), other Left pparties like the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation (CPI(ML) Liberation), the Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist) (SUCI), REvolutionary Socialist PartyForward Bloc and the Communist Party of India (CPI) too, will put in place around 10% of such progressive Literature stalls in various parts of the state.

In the capital of Kolkata, more than 200 book stalls will be set up, of which more than 109 stalls will be in the center of town while Rest will be in the MCK (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) Region. If the Kolkata metropolitan area is taken into account, the number will be nearly 400, according to preliminary estimates made by party sources.

Following the Left-induced culture of establishment progressive Iliterature stops during the totumn festival even parties like Congress, Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) began to settle book stalls, mainly cconcentrated in certain urban areas.

While the book stalls launched by TMC are overflowing with more than 40 books written by partsy supremo Mamata Banerjee and his drawings, the BJP’ssbook stand focuses on Modi and Shyama Pto shave Mookerjeeand Congress sells books on Gandhian philosophy and Nehru’the writings. Hhowever, the pprogressive bThe stalls boast a wide range of titles, from Ideological books, vsclassics to vschildren blook and sscience and youtechnology. It is this positioning as rbased on nationality kknowledge vsbetween who makes these improvisations progressive blocked the favorite destination even during the afall Fsummer,” Sudip Sengupta of Jadavpore Book Stall, the largest book stall in the state, says NewsClick.

Sengupta said this year youthousands of pprogressive the books are also serving as an outpost to spread communal harmony and friendship in the state. “It’s an additional responsibility for all of us, at beware of any untoward incident in our respective localities during the feast days,” he added.

Jadavpore’s book stand, even before the start of the festival, has started quick sales by generating Company the penalty 25,000 rupees in two o’clock of mets inauguration by the Left Front vshairdresser Biman Basu, said Sengupta, which is also Member of CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee and one of ptime organizers bOh shighs for the plast two decades. “Last year, we achieved sales of over Rs 2,80,000 during the afall Fsummer”, he added.

This year, despite the economic depression, we are getting a good response, because we have slightly changed our bookkeeping policy of high denomination, and instead focused on maintaining the lower denomination and informative books. Book on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, Kashmir and on S P Mookerjee’s divisive role, as well as books by the eminent historian Sukumari Bhattacharya, such as “Revisiting the Myth of Ram “sell like hot cakes,” he added.

This may remember that more than 2,000 pprogressive book the stalls used to be set up during the fall festival season before 2011 when the Left Front was in power. During the TMC rule, during 2013, the number such stalls had fallen to nearly 600 due to large-scale terror by the ruling party. Mall the book stalls were vandalized. This lasted until 2018.

Senior Ijournalist Aniruddha Chakraborty, director of the National Book Agency, the largest progressive book house in the state, which was conceptualized by cCommunist chief “Kakababu” or Muzaffar Ahmed, Told NewsClick that “this year even leftist militants belonging to Goghat, Khanakul, Purshura, Arambag, Naranghat from Hooghly district, terrorized, will set up Marxist organizations Iliterature stops.

Chakraborty said: “The star attraction this year is the Bengali translation of the life of Safdar Hashmi named ‘Halla Bol‘ written by Sudhanva Despande and translated into Bengali by famous singer Shubhaprasad Nandi Majumdar. Another book on 75 years of Indian independence by Sitaram Yechury is also selling like hotcakes. Other major titles include former Minister Debesh Das’ book on state surveillance and the 100 Armed Revolts of Indian Freedom Struggle books by Dipak Majhi. Another requested book is a basic reading on Marxism-Leninism prepared by the political bureau of the CPI(M) in 1969 and reissued this year with a preface by Yechury.

Chakraborty said the “huge answer that pprogressive literature enters the state is directly proportional to the worsening of the crisis in the state and in the country”, adding that about millions of progressive books had already was sold last year during the autumn festival.

Despite the recession, going through the interest in setting up these stalls, we can easily say that pprogressive book sales might see a multiple increase. Also in the age of the Internet, pprogressive books ranging from Russian authors Maxim Gorky and Ivan Turgenev to Leo Tolstoy and Rabindranath of Bengal Tagore has sold As hot buns, which itself shows this millions people are hungry bring together knowledge and study resourcesthat they find by using pprogressive books like good reference t-materialto deal with the difficult situation in the state,” he said.

Although the religious hue of the Fall Festival rests in gramsthe odds and goddity, since 1952, the The Communist Party has been at the forefront of setting up stands of Marxist literature near the various places where large gatherings take place, like puja pandals, and This has serveD as an opportunity for diffusion rnationalist, pprogressive ideas.

This year, with an increase in municipalities tension in the state, there is a atmosphere of mistrust, even during the autumn festival, contrary to the days when everyone buried their hatchesyouduring festivals. Anearly two years of virtual calm due to covid, the respond to Marxist studies stalls are good. The price of paper has gone up 30% and the 18% GST on paper has killed the editing industry, which are struggling to stay afloat,” Chakraborty Told NewsClick.

Dispelling the idea that the younger generation is not “book oriented” and is more of an internet savvy generation, he said the NBA experience was different, as suave packaging, perfect binding and good printing standards had made the younger generation a large base of progressive book readers in the state.

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