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“We shouldn’t trust our anger and forgive people”: Brant Hansen

In a TEDx Talk, American radio host and author Brant Hansen shed light on a very interesting aspect of a frequently felt emotion: anger. He encouraged listeners to rethink their anger impulses and consider living a life full of forgiveness.

He began the talk by sharing his thoughts on the beliefs he was taught in the church that there are two types of anger: good anger and bad anger; “Bad anger you shouldn’t have but good anger is right anger, and that’s where you should be angry and you should never let it go.” But Hansen wondered “how does forgiveness work in there?” He then said that “the crazy idea is this – we shouldn’t trust our anger and we should forgive people.”

He explained: “Anger can help you do something in the beginning, understandable, very natural, it’s a good thing but it doesn’t help your judgments in the long run and you know, that anger doesn’t help you. to improve yourself. decisions”. He then added that anger “can stop you from taking action, we think it’s good for action but no action is good against injustice but don’t confuse your anger, for having do something wrong.”

According to Hansen, “Anger can kill you, anger can poison your relationships, it will change your life for the worse, so just try to forgive people, it’s not because they haven’t done something wrong. wrong they did, that’s why forgiveness is hard but actually it makes your life better and sweeter and freer, it makes your neighborhood better, makes us all better”.

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