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Water Woes: People Rue Rmc Apathy | Ranchi News

Ranchi: Several residents continue to receive a contaminated water supply, forcing them to shell out additional dollars to meet their bottled water consumption due to the apathy of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC).
Many claimed that despite numerous appeals to the civic body, there was no end to their water problems. Water scarcity adds to their woes during the current heatwave, they said.
Rajma Khatoon of Lohrakocha, 70, complained of erratic water supply. “The water supply is not sufficient to meet the needs of daily chores.”
Another resident, Ashok Lohra, said: “Although we have poor water quality, we have to pay the water tax.
Neighbor Renu Devi added, “We don’t have the money to buy bottled water regularly. Therefore, we have no choice but to drink the water provided by the government. Water is only provided for an hour and for the first half hour it is dirty.
HB Road resident Nitu Lal said she bought bottled water to drink as the water was not safe to drink. “(I) can’t risk getting sick.”
Peace Road resident Nirmala Ekka sees no hope for a solution to their grievances. “Everyone visits and asks about our problems but no action is taken,” she said, adding that even the tanker service providing them with assistance is erratic.
Class 12’s Guriya Kumari said, “We can’t afford to buy bottled water. Also, the tanker only comes once every two days.
Guriya’s grandmother, Somwari Devi, added: “City authorities have put up posters prohibiting washing clothes at government-installed Syntex in the neighborhood. But when we don’t get enough water at home, we have no other choice. Don’t the poor have the right to wear clean clothes?
Food Safety Officer (FRO), Ranchi, Subir Ranjan said, “The department is focusing on water treatment plants in addition to soft drink and cold drink manufacturers and packing units during the season. summer in accordance with parameters set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority. of India (FSSAI). However, being the only food safety inspector in Ranchi, I try my best.
RMC’s additional municipal commissioner, Kunwar Singh Pahan, admitted that the administration had not carried out quality control of the water supplied in the above-mentioned localities despite the complaints received.
“We will have the water quality tested. In addition, we will send tankers to the Loharakocha region daily,” he added.

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