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Watch people react to Rs 50 lakh Indian Roadmaster Elite with real gold [Video]

When it comes to motorcycles, few make them as grand and larger than life as Indian Motorcycles. The US-based motorcycle manufacturer has been operating in India for a decade now and has given us niche and super expensive cruisers, baggers and tourers. Besides all of them, it had also released a few limited edition motorcycles in the past, including the Indian Roadmaster Elite. Here is India‘s only Indian Roadmaster Elite, which looks even more exclusive with multiple gold-plated fingerboards all over it.

A YouTube video uploaded by BikeWithGirl shows India’s only Roadmaster Elite finished in an exclusive shade of blue, called Cobalt Candy. What makes this Roadmaster Elite achieve exclusive status is the use of gold in several parts of this motorcycle. The owner of this motorcycle had 23 karat gold engraved on various parts of the motorcycle, such as the “Indian” markings on the fuel tank, the rear side panniers and the part of the instrument console mounted on the Fuel tank. Even the “Roadmaster” branding on the side panels flanking the fuel tank is inscribed in gold.

Inspected by a jeweler

She took the motorcycle to a jeweler who inspected the motorcycle and said there were many gold parts. He also said that there should be at least 100 grams of gold used in this motorcycle which is worth thousands of rupees. Although the exact amount of gold used in the motorcycle remains unknown, the jeweler said there was a generous amount of gold in the motorcycle.

Further gold inserts can be seen in the engine case parts on both sides. All these gold inserts in the motorcycle are worth Rs 5-7 lakh which makes this Indian Roadmaster worth more than Rs 50 lakh. Besides the exclusive gold inserts and blue paint scheme, this Indian Roadmaster Elite also has yellow tints for the main headlight and accompanying auxiliary lights.

The Indian Roadmaster Elite was launched in India a few years ago, however, only one unit of the motorcycle was sold in India. The motorbike was launched at around Rs 46 lakh and gets the exclusive blue shade which is hand painted. It also features gold stripes on the fuel tank and side panniers, although these are not the original gold.

The bike has some nice features like an LCD panel in the center of its huge cockpit, a padded rear backrest with integrated armrests, side panniers with large storage areas and side panels with small storage areas covering 137 liters of storage. It also comes with keyless ignition and a 200W 6-speaker integrated audio system, with speakers built into the passenger backrest, saddlebags and driver’s cockpit. The Indian Roadmaster Elite is powered by the same four-stroke, air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 engine, which displaces 1890cc and produces a peak torque of 171Nm.

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