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Wani writes to G20 countries on India’s intentions behind holding a summit at the IIOJK

Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) President Altaf Hussain Wani has urged G20 countries not to allow the Indian government to use them as its “brand ambassadors” to project its narrative of normalcy without giving an iota of d importance to wishes and aspirations. of the Kashmiri people.

Altaf Hussain Wani, in a statement addressed to the leaders of the G20 countries, said that the Indian government’s controversial decision to hold the IIOJK high-level summit was based on dishonest intentions to divert the world’s attention from the dispute in Kashmir.

“The current Indian government, which in blatant violation of UNSC resolutions unilaterally and illegally changed the special status of Kashmir in 2019, has been remorselessly peddling lies ever since to promote a so-called discourse of normalcy on Kashmir,” says the press release.

Referring to individual trips by Members of the European Parliament to Kashmir last year, the letter said: “Individual visits by European parliamentarians were presented by the Indian government as official EU delegations.”

“Similarly, a trip by foreign envoys stationed in New Delhi to the disputed territory has been organized to keep the charade of normalcy alive,” he said, adding that nearly two dozen diplomats, mostly from European and African countries, had been invited for a visit. in the region to give the impression that all is well in Kashmir and to counter growing calls for an independent investigation into human rights abuses in the region.

“The guided trip was more or less a replica of the previous tour in which delegates were taken on a brief tour of ‘Naya (New) Kashmir’, which was expertly carved out of the war-torn city during at night and decorated to the contentment of visitors by temporarily removing the barricades, barbed wire and bunkers that can normally be seen dotted all around the city,” the letter reads.

Highlighting the Indian government’s long history of using lies as state policy to deceive the global community, the head of KIIR mentioned in his letter that the decision of the Modi government to hold the G20 summit in Kashmir has sparked genuine concerns/apprehensions that the government would once again use the high-level meeting as a tool to achieve its strategic objectives.

Urging the leaders of the G20 countries to conduct a holistic review of the situation, Wani expressed his optimism that the member states of the Group would not allow the Indian state to use them as its “brand ambassadors” to projecting his so-called normalcy narrative onto Kashmir and influencing the Indian government to change the location of the Summit given the disputed nature of the territory.

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