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BLACKSBURG, Va. — The tire pulls, tug of war and four-cone drills might have seemed like monotony-busting agility sessions during Virginia Tech’s winter workouts, but for coach Brent Pry, they were among the most important competitions to watch.

He wanted players to care about winning and not accept what he thought was a creeping alternative.

“You can’t accept losing,” senior linebacker Dax Hollifield said. “It must be eating you up. You cannot be refused. It’s cool to see everyone’s mindset change.

The Hokies begin spring training Friday in an effort to reverse the average on-field trends of recent years in the best way Pry and his staff know how: by establishing a winning culture.

Of course, the football part counts too. Pry planned the first four or five practices with his coaches, wanting to start the setup without being too aggressive (“We’re not going to be a level 200 club until we master level 100,” he said. he declared) and do it with energy but not hysteria (“There is a way to hustle, but when you see panicking, you see people in a hurry, that’s not what I’m looking for.”)

But above all, he wants to eradicate any acceptance of losing, a problem he felt with the team he inherited.

“We have to hate losing and do anything to win,” Pry said.

It’s a process, and a big part of Pry’s goal in setting up competitive situations during winter training. What he noticed was that losing rep didn’t always bother a player. And it bothered him.

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