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VIP culture still in vogue at Chandigarh railway station: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, March 17

VIP culture is still in vogue at Chandigarh Railway Station. A separate VIP lane, which leads to the station’s main entrance, has been created which prohibits the entry of private vehicles, reducing the width of the adjacent lane for the general public.

According to the government railway police, the idea of ​​creating a separate lane for VIPs is to ensure their safety and the smooth flow of traffic at the main entrance to the station.

Chandigarh GRP SHO Vilayati Saini said traffic congestion has become a daily affair at the main entrance of the station, especially during the arrival and departure of the Shatabdi Express. Also, people used to park their vehicles right outside the entrance earlier. To solve the problem, they created a separate lane to keep traffic flowing. “The lane also provides security and easy access for VIPs, government and military officials,” he said.

He added, however, that they allow the elderly, disabled and others in need to use the lane. “A barricade erected at the entrance to the lane currently indicates that it is for VIPs only. I will speak to the relevant officials to also mention the elderly and disabled so that they can also use this lane” , Saini said.

However, visitors said the VIP lane remained empty throughout the day and could be merged with the lane used by the public to make it wider.

Also for senior citizens, disabled

A barricade erected at the entrance to the track indicates that it is intended for VIPs. I will speak to the officials so that he also mentions the elderly and the disabled so that they can also go down this route. — Vilayati Saini, SHO, GRP

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