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US says Russia needs to hear especially from countries like…


New Delhi: The US State Department said a day after External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s visit to Russia that now is the time for Russia to engage in communication and diplomacy amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, “especially countries like India”.

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Ned Price, a spokesman for the US State Department, commented on the recent talks between the foreign ministers of the two nations, saying, “We have had a number of high-level interactions with our Indian colleagues at the course of the last few months. Just a few months ago, Blinken met with Foreign Minister Jaishankar.

“The messages Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed when he said, ‘This is not the age of war’ were identical to those we heard from Foreign Minister Jaishankar on Russia. India reiterates its opposition to this war. He wants to see negotiation and diplomacy. “He wants to see an end to this unnecessary slaughter that Russia is causing inside Ukraine,” he added.

Price stressed that India can play a crucial role in the current international crisis and said it was essential that Russia hear this message from nations around the world.

“It is crucial that Russia understands this message coming from countries like India.” While refraining from publicly denouncing Putin for the invasion that began in February, India has consistently demanded an end to violence in Ukraine and pleaded for talks.

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Although it did not vote against Russia at the UN, the Indian side has frequently highlighted the impact of the Ukraine crisis on food and energy prices, especially for vulnerable countries.

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