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Unlike UP, no one dares to torture people in police stations here: CM Mamata

One day Union Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in West Bengal for a two-day visit, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee scolded him for his earlier statement in Parliament on the law and order situation public in Bengal.

Speaking at a government reception on Thursday to mark the third term year of the TMC government, the chief minister said, “I feel bad when someone says don’t go to Bengal because you might get killed. Bengal is far ahead of other states.

Citing BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, she said: “In Uttar Pradesh, the police are accused of torturing anyone who goes to a police station to seek justice. Nobody will dare to do that in Bengal.

Adding that crimes against women are not justified and cannot be tolerated, Banerjee said, “In Bengal, no one dares to do something like this. Here, we take strict action against those who are involved in criminal activities, regardless of their political leanings. His statement had caused a wavering in the camp in power.

After chairing a meeting of the TMC’s national working committee, Banerjee stepped up his attack on the Union Home Secretary over his speech at a public meeting in Siliguri on Thursday. Enabling 20 lakh more women to benefit from direct cash transfers under the “Lakshmir Bhandar” flagship project, the CM said, “We give Lakshmir Bhandar and they give Kutsar Bhandar (spread ducks). Apart from bringing more women under the Lakshmir Bhandar project, she also inaugurated several welfare projects for the state. “I challenge anyone to challenge me on what we’ve done for the past 11 years,” she said. She launched the “West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2022”, whereby income support would be extended to women heads of households who have no source of income. Under this scheme, a monthly allowance of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 would be paid to female heads of households belonging to the general categories of castes as well as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Criticizing Shah’s statement that a political situation would soon emerge in Bengal where state law enforcement would join forces with the Border Security Force (BSF), Banerjee said, “Is he trying to conspire against the state and create such a situation? That will never happen. Mr. Amit Shah, I hold you in high esteem because you are the Home Secretary. But don’t ask the OSB to cancel the state. Their responsibility is to secure our borders while controlling smuggling and the infiltration of cows. Speaking to the Center about the fuel price hike, she said: “Central government has raised the price of petrol, diesel and LPG cylinders. The prices of 800 essential drugs have also increased significantly.

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Lashing out at the Union Home Secretary, the CM said: ‘Apart from targeting opposition leaders through agencies such as the CBI and ED, he has no nothing done as Minister of the Interior.”

Also targeting Shah over the infighting in the BJP’s Bengal unit, she said, “Amit Shah should listen to his own party members first. Every day there are reports of infighting within the BJP. Their leaders are leaving WhatsApp groups. He is also expected to focus on the deteriorating law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. He should explain why journalists are beaten in Madhya Pradesh. It should focus on what is happening in Jahangirpuri (recent communal violence in East Delhi). The BJP is nothing but a ‘B’ team of the CPI(M). They want to divide Bengal but that will never happen.

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