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Unlike other countries, Prime Minister Modi has involved people in the fight against COVID-19: Amit Shah



Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had involved ordinary people in the government’s fight against COVID-19, unlike other countries.

Speaking at an award ceremony hosted by the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India here, Mr. Shah said that while the pandemic situation fluctuates in many countries, India will move on. gradually comes out.

“Many governments have fought against COVID-19 around the world, but in India Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured people will join the government’s fight against the pandemic. Even now, many countries are reporting highs and lows in COVID-19 cases, but India is coping steadily, ”Shah said.

The Union Minister also said that everyone in the world had expressed concerns about the Indian population and the existing health infrastructure. However, we have suffered comparatively less losses from COVID-19, he added.

He said India’s economic growth coming out of COVID-19 was promising. “The current growth rate is single digits but I can assure you it would be double digits by March 22nd. This is because we were trying to win the war against COVID-19 but the economic reforms that we had envisioned should overcome various challenges posed by the pandemic, ”added Mr. Shah.

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