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University: Encourage Students to Immerse in Folk Literature: Guv at University | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Governor Anandiben Patel on Wednesday advised Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti University of Languages ​​(KMCLU) to incorporate folk literature, lullabies and ‘mangal’ songs into academic best practices at university level.
She also asked the university to embrace new societal changes in its curriculum.
The Governor gave the advice during the National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) Readiness Review meeting held with KMCLU Vice Chancellor Prof. Alok Kumar Rai and other Raj officials. Bhawan.
She also asked teachers to work even on holidays, if necessary, to complete NAAC preparation.
“According to the standards set by the NAAC for evaluation, a system should be made by dividing the responsibilities at all points. The University should form a committee which should work on improving academic standards and other shortcomings,” Patel said.
She said that this will be the university’s first attempt to take an NAAC assessment and therefore the preparation should be done based on the instructions given during the two-day NAAC Manthan workshop held. at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University on April 4-5. .
Talking about adopting best practices and innovation at the academic level, the governor emphasized on compiling popular literature that nurtures Indian culture.
She said that in India, mothers used to sing lullabies to put their children to sleep. Also, women used to sing various kinds of “mangal” songs on various occasions like wedding ceremonies and auspicious times, which are dying out in modern society. Universities can get such songs compiled at their level, she added.
She also emphasized bringing innovation to the research conducted at the university.
“Many social protection schemes are run by the government and the social changes resulting from these schemes can also be researched,” she said.

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