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United Arab Emirates: Watch authors speak virtually at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai with a new digital pass


Dubai: Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai on Monday released its digital pass for its upcoming 2022 edition next month.

Giving access to a wide selection of live-streamed sessions, passes can be used by families watching from home, isolation or anywhere in the world, ensuring that those who don’t can’t get a ticket or can’t attend are not missing, the organizers said in a press release.

The digital pass costs 100 Dh and is available on the festival website. The festival will take place over two weekends from February 3 to 13.

Festival director Ahlam Bolooki said, “We have a fantastic program of live events taking place at hotels in Habtoor City. [in Dubai], and we want to offer access to our festival to as many people as possible. With the pandemic still disrupting what we considered normal, we have selected a number of sessions to be streamed live which we believe will nourish minds and souls, and give us all something to think about and discuss for months. future.

Every year, the festival brings together speakers from different parts of the world and from different walks of life on one stage. The selection of digital passes includes several to allow a wider audience to access live dialogue from home and throughout the duration of the festival.

In addition to Dh100 for a digital pass to watch live sessions from home, ticket prices to attend live events start at Dh65 for adult sessions and Dh40 for child sessions. For tickets and a full list of authors, the festival website has the details.

The festival is organized with founding partners Emirates Airline and the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture).

The event will comply with all applicable COVID-19 regulations, and visitors will be asked to wear masks and provide proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR performed within the previous 72 hours.

The festival is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

Virtual sessions

Between the Covers – Desire in Arabic Script: Noor Naga and Selma Dabbagh

It’s a little-known secret that Arabic literature has a long tradition of erotic writing. This panel features Selma Dabbagh, editor of the We Wrote in Symbols anthology, and Noor Naga, a poet and novelist who has explored themes of female desire and spiritual belief in her work.

Cooking the Classics – Creative Freedoms with Dr Rupy Aujla and Zahra Abdalla

Panelists try to answer the question of how far you can go before angering your ancestors and your heritage when you modify traditional recipes for a more modern, health-conscious table. Will you still be able to stay true to your grandmother’s recipe if you swap rice for quinoa, cow’s milk for almond milk, sugar for stevia?

Originality in detective fiction – A stab in the dark? : Felicia Yap, Lucy Foley, Mark Billingham and Polly Phillips

Every year, thousands of new crime thrillers are released – new victims for genre-starved readers who just can’t seem to get enough. Surely there are only a limited number of ways to kill off characters and leave detectives scrambling for answers…or are there?

Inventions that changed the world: Ahmed El Ghandour, Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri and Serhii Plokhy

An all-star science panel presents their case for the greatest scientific invention or discovery of all time. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, each pleads convincingly for their choice.

Stigma in Art: Dr Habib Al Attar and Huda Al Khateeb (This session is in Arabic).

Solo sessions

Jenny Lawson: Broken (in the best possible way)

Audiences can hear a refreshing take on depression and anxiety through a magical and mysterious tour of anecdotes related to health insurance, taxidermy, and why this author will never be able to go to home again. job.

Rowan Hooper: How to Spend a Trillion Dollars

If you had a trillion dollars and a year to spend for the good of the world and the advancement of science, what would you do? That’s the question How to Spend a Trillion Dollars poses by looking at all the problems that could be solved with just one percent of the world’s GDP.

Author, illustrator and drawing superstar Rob Biddulph shows audiences at home how to channel their inner artists and tap into their creativity. With the Dog Gone Picture Book, Rob will show how to bring adorable new characters to life in this interactive event.

Omar Saif Ghobash in conversation

One of the Emirates’ most engaging speakers will discuss finding his voice as a novelist and the challenges of writing a fictionalized account of his father’s last day.

Culture Nostalgia Panel: Mohammed Saeed Harib

The creator of Freej looks back on the very first series of Emirati cartoons. (This session is in Arabic)

Jessica Cerasi: Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art?

A banana stuck to a wall, an invisible sculpture, a shark in formaldehyde – the contemporary art world can be a confusing and intimidating space. Jessica Cerasi will solve the confusion as easily as shredding a Banksy.

World-renowned anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar will draw on the latest research to explore the relationships that matter most and how hard it is to make and keep friends.

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