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‘Understanding Emotions, Culture, Reasons in a Mythological Story’ | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Shedding light on the relevance of mythology in today’s world and how to interpret it, illustrator, speaker, author and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik said that instead of being a judge , a reader must understand the emotions, reasons and culture mentioned in a mythological speech. story.
Pattanaik was speaking on “Insights from Mythology into Hinduism for Happiness” on Day 2 of the Orange City Literature Festival (OCLF) 2021, Saturday. The mythology seminar was led by Archana Sharma, writer and translator.
Regarding the importance of mythology in today’s world, Pattanaik said, “When we are born, we do not come with knowledge or the purpose of life. The answer is not in nature, but in culture. Knowledge of good and evil, of death and reincarnation, of God or of Evil, etc. Thus, the inclusion of mythologies is essential.
Regarding ways of interpreting mythologies, he said, “First of all, a reader should not become a judge or a lawyer by reading something. Understanding the emotions, the reasons behind the story and its culture is what to take care of. The right expressions should be understood and not whether it is true or false. It must be the expressions and reasons behind the stories that are of value and mythology is something the true interpretation of which is hard to find. ”
Speaking from a scientific point of view, Pattanaik said, “The debate between religion and mythology is endless, but now in this scientific world people believe that there are multiple beliefs when it comes to God, and even atheism is one of those beliefs, which cannot be said to be right or wrong.
In his books, Pattanaik has stated that he writes for the sole purpose of educating his readers and speaks on broad topics including ancient stories, thoughts and cultures.
Arshia Murrian anchored the evening.
The OCLF also showcased Indian cultural talents during a “Classical Conclave” program held on Saturday evening at the South Central Zone Cultural Center. There were four major performances like the chant of Sadhana Shiledar, an instrumental demonstration of Dilruba by Rushikesh Karmarkar, a performance of Kathak by Priyanka Abhyankar and the team, and Bharatanatyam by Shrimathy Madkholkar.
The program was anchored by Shraddha Bharadwaj.

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