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TRS Government Goes Against Telangana Culture: Congress Senior Vice President G Niranjan | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Senior Vice President of Telangana Congress G Niranjan on Tuesday accused the TRS government of going against the traditions and culture of the state to visit, console and express condolences to members of the family of the deceased.
“It’s also part of Indian culture. But the TRS government is preventing congressional party leaders from visiting family members of employees, teachers and others who have died by suicide, to console bereaved families. Police arrest congressional leaders and do not allow them to visit bereaved families, ”Niranjan said.
Neither the TRS government nor its leaders come forward to support bereaved families or allow members of Congress to share their grief. “Does this mean that the TRS government indirectly accepts that it is responsible for these suicides?” Niranjan asked.
“Being a woman, the Minister of Education, Sabita Indra Reddy, should have gone to the residence of the teacher Sarawathi who allegedly committed suicide during her transfer and consoled the members of her family. At least other female ministers in the TRS government should have reacted to the suicide of Ramakrishna’s entire family in Kothagudem as the son of the TRS deputy would be responsible, “said the senior vice president of TPCC.
“The TRS government is breaking its own orders. This government had issued GO No 1 on January 1, 2022, banning public gatherings and gatherings, but the TRS organized Rhythmu Bandhu Congregation celebrations. The people of Telangana are watching the drama from TRS and BJP and would teach them a lesson in the 2023 election, ”he said.

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