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Transforming lives and giving hope to the Congolese people – The Harish Jagtani Foundation

02 May 2022 17:33 STI

New Delhi [India], May 2 (ANI/SRV): The Harish Jagtani Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Harish Jagtani, an Indian national, in Kinshasa in 2016. With this initiative, he plans to bring about positive change in the sector of public health in Africa by charting a path to humanity. The contributions of the Harish Jagtani Foundation during the pandemic are incalculable and beyond words of appreciation. To a large extent, Harish Jagtani, the main visionary of the foundation, has been praised worldwide for his noble work.
One of the recent highlights of the activities of the Harish Jagtani Foundation has been to bring the BMVSS team from Jaipur to the Democratic Republic of Congo for the Jaipur Foot campaign. Jaipur Foot, also known as Jaipur Leg, is an extremely useful rubber-based prosthetic leg for amputee patients. The Jaipur foot campaign started from December 1 to January 30, with more than 575 members, who were equipped, including some senior members, at the Harish Jagtani Foundation camp in Kinshasa. The HJ Foundation has set up a camp dedicated to creating and fitting 575 prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities for various reasons.

This camp was free and amputees received new limbs and were trained in the use of their new limbs so that they could return to normal life, with faces that spoke of happiness. For the 575 people who benefited from the campaign, this camp turned out to be a life-changing experience. Keeping in mind the dire condition of the underprivileged population, all the people who visited their camp were also given meals and cash for their commutation by the Harish Jagtani foundation. Hard work and consistency pay off and this foundation is the standard bearer. It is the courage and determination of the people of the foundation that have helped them transform lives and give hope to the Congolese people.
Last year, the Harish Jagtani Foundation performed more than 100 free surgeries on cataract and glaucoma patients. To accomplish this great task of bringing light to 100 families, the foundation has set up the DON DE LA VISION ophthalmological campaign. Additionally, the HJ Foundation works with HJ Hospital and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to ensure that kidney dialysis is free and accessible to everyone, including the poor. To a large extent, dozens of people die each year due to lack of kidney dialysis resources. Thus, this approach undertaken by the HJ Foundation is definitely oriented towards humanity.

Going back in time, his motivational wheel spurred him on to begin his journey to do something for those in need. Jagtani said, “Through the foundation’s success stories, I want to shed light on the grievances, triumphs, and experiences of underrepresented, needy, and diminished voices in Congo.” With the same vision, he unveiled the HJ Foundation to the world.
Opening doors of hope for the Congolese natives, the Harish Jagtani Foundation has decided to set up a permanent camp in the heart of Congo, which will be operational from June 30, 2022. The camp will revolve around the Jaipur Foot, antimalarial initiative , renal dialysis and ophthalmological campaign DON DE LA VISION.
Moreover, Harish Jagtani believes the reason for his immense success is his strong pillars of support – his mother, Neeta Jagtani and his wife, Sunita Jagtani. They played an important role in supporting the source of bright ideas – Harish Jagtani. Moreover, their contribution to society has reached its zenith. Neeta Jagtani and Sunita ‘Neha’ Jagtani, have helped dozens of people in the pandemic, from distributing 10,000 PPE kits to delivering 100 food packets for the needy, they marked growth flags on the map of humanity.
Dreams come true if you work hard for them and let your passion drive your strength. Harish Jagtani turned out to be a permanent example of the same. With the perfect blend of humanity and smooth execution, he won dozens of hearts in Congo. On his way to becoming the reigning leader in the world of mankind, Harish Jagtani is a name to remember.
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