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Top 10 countries where robotics engineers will earn the highest salaries in 2022

by Disha Sinha

February 27, 2022

Apply to Top Ten Countries for Robotics Engineers to Earn High Salary in Robotics

Similar to the AI ​​race, there is a robotics race between countries around the world. A wide range of countries – underdeveloped, developing and developed – are actively participating in this race. They attract robotics professionals and cutting-edge robotics engineers to increase productivity and lead the world in robotics. They are very interested in paying the highest robotics salaries to robotics engineers. Let’s explore some of the top ten countries where robotics engineers earn the highest salary in robotics in 2022.


Singapore is one of the best countries for robotics engineers as robotics is now part of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. It is the second most automated country after South Korea. The country sees robotics as a solution to manage the population and solve labor problems efficiently. Thus, it pays one of the highest salaries for robotics professionals and robotics engineers.

Robotic salary: SGD4,280 -SGD12,600 per month

South Korea

South Korea is the leading country in the robotics race across the world because it is the most automated country. There are more than 32 robotics universities to train robotics professionals and robotics engineers. It pays the highest salaries in robotics to professional roles with the support of government funding.

Robotic salary: ₩44,500,000- ₩80,000,000

United States

The robotics market has grown exponentially in the United States in recent years. There are several reputable US robotics stocks to invest in for profit and plenty of opportunities for robotics engineers and robotics professionals to earn high salaries.

Robotics Salary: $50,000 to $185,000 per year


China is known as the world’s largest industrial robot market due to its investment in robotics and government funding. There is a substantial increase in customer service robots across China which has attracted many robotics professionals as well as robotics engineers. It has become one of the top countries for hiring robotics engineers, offering one of the highest salaries in robotics.

Robotic salary: ¥28,000-¥45,000 per month


Japan is one of the well-known names in the field of robotics with a reputation for commercial production of industrial robots. A wide range of robots are produced in Japan, including humanoid robots, entertainment robots, animal robots, guard robots, industrial robots, and many more. It attracts young and experienced robotics professionals with one of the highest salaries in robotics. It is becoming a leading country for robotics engineers with vast scope and opportunities to learn and grow in this field.

robotic salary: ¥7,000,000 – ¥13,000,000


Germany is turning into a global robotics hub by attracting several robotics engineers and other robotics professionals. It continuously produces industrial robots with top robotics research institutes as well as robotics labs. Germany has emerged as one of the top countries for robotics engineers in 2022 with lucrative salary packages.

Robotic salary: €55,000-€85,000


Denmark is known to have the most enthusiastic attitude towards intelligent robot applications. He succeeded in making this place a center of robotics in Europe with thriving robotics, automation and drone industries with the help of eminent and experienced robotics professionals and robotic engineers.

Robotic salary: KR500,000-KR930,000


Spain has become the fourth European country with the most industrial robotics installations, setting a benchmark in robotic engineering applications. It is one of the best countries where robotics engineers earn significant salaries.

Robotic salary: €8,500-€5,000


Italy focuses on manufacturing industrial robots for manufacturing companies in the country and around the world. The country is more focused on automation and robots after the drastic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Robotics engineers and robotics professionals can play a key role in the next automation revolution.

Robotic salary: €45,000-85,000


India has opened up a plethora of opportunities for robotics engineers and other robotics professionals through hundreds of robotics companies and educational institutions offering specialized courses. Indian robotics companies are earning millions of dollars in robotics investments for further improvements.

Robotic salary: Rs.16,000- Rs.50,000 per month

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