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ToI cites anonymous sources, compares with “inactive” countries

Meanwhile, a Haveri student from Karnataka died when Russian soldiers blew up a government building in Kharkiv on Tuesday. “The ministry is in contact with his family. We send our deepest condolences to the family,” the Foreign Office tweeted. that he had gone out to look for food.

the India time said China had not yet issued a travel advisory or support mechanisms to evacuate its students from war-torn Ukraine, adding that Chinese nationals were attacked in Ukraine as buses displaying the Indian flag were allowed to pass safely.

It comes amid Indians alleging they were stopped at the Polish border and videos on social media asking for government help. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier decided to send four union ministers to Poland and Romania to oversee the evacuation.

There are 80,000 international students, mostly Indians, in Ukraine. As part of “Operation Ganga”, the government has brought back nearly 1,000 citizens, set up help centers to facilitate evacuation measures through border crossing points and launched a Twitter account to share latest information about these processes.

However, the government’s measures have been criticized as delayed or inadequate by many.

Despite a population of more than 20,000 in a vulnerable region, the Indian government’s first notice asking citizens to “temporarily leave Ukraine” was on February 15, a day before some Western media speculated that Russia would attack Ukraine. former Soviet country. Indian students had Newslaundry back when reviews were “delayed”, “disappointing” and “vague”.

Shaan Muhammad, 23, a student at Poltava State Medical University, said: ‘The situation has worsened over the past 15-20 days and other countries’ embassies have reached out to their students and took their calls. We tried to call the embassy but the number remains busy. February 16 was the day war was supposed to be declared, and our embassy suddenly woke up a day before that. How is 24 hours enough? »

Students who are in cities like Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Kharkiv also said Newslaundry that student entrepreneurs and embassy hotlines had told them to “stay where you are and not panic”. Statements like these, according to Muhammad Afridi Shoaib, frustrated the students, so he decided to take them.

Afridi and 350 other students had to make their own arrangements to leave Vinnytsia because he “did not receive a ‘proper response’ from the Indian Embassy about his evacuation”. He said he only met Indian embassy officials after crossing the Romanian border, after the immigration process was completed. “There were no Indians at the immigration counter either,” he said. News laundry. He described the situation at the border as a horrific battlefield with no system in place.

Afridi had said earlier Newslaundry about how the Indian embassy told him he was “” when he asked for help getting his friend out of Kiev airport.

Students in Kiev like , 21, are still waiting for buses to evacuate them. There are more than 500 students stuck with her in the basement of a hostel at Kyiv Medical University and she said the latest communication with the embassy via one of the hotlines had them told to stay where she was and wait.

Today, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine tweeted that since the lifting of the weekend curfew in Kyiv, students are being urged to take trains to western Ukraine.

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