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These are the top 10 expressions of ‘cowboy culture’ used by Britons – PR News Blog

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of adults would give up their 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. life tomorrow, to be a cowboy — or girl — in America instead.
The current UK cost of living crisis has left 50% of the 2,000 adults surveyed more likely to dream of leaving the country for simpler family life.
While 29% would gladly trade their life in Britain for life on a ranch.
It also emerged that 30% are so enamored with the idea of ​​the cowboy life that they want to go on vacation to a ranch and 50% enjoy watching western movies and TV shows.

Season 4 brings Yellowstone fans back to the big screen
The study into Britons’ attitudes towards modern Western life was commissioned by Paramount+, to celebrate season 4 of the critically acclaimed series Yellowstone, which saw 11 million viewers tune in when it premiered. broadcast in the United States earlier this year.
When it comes to what draws people to life on a ranch, 34% equate the cowboy look (hat, boots, plaid shirt, and jeans) with the cowboy lifestyle over any other aspect of life on a ranch.
While 26% cited the most appealing aspect of ranch life as the great outdoors, seeking the fresh air and open spaces above a large ranch home, or living on the land .
The study, carried out via OnePoll, also revealed the top 10 phrases from cowboy culture that Britons use in everyday life, with “howdy” topping the list.
‘Howdy partner’, ‘make hay while the sun shines’, ‘peckish’ and ‘yellow belly’ complete the top five.

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A real-life westerner walks the streets of London
Set in Montana, Yellowstone is about the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton — played by Kevin Costner — who control the largest contiguous cattle ranch in America.
Amid shifting alliances, unsolved murders, open wounds and hard-earned respect – the ranch is in constant conflict with those it borders – a growing town, an Indian reservation and the first national park of the United States.
Real-life Western performer Todd Various has taken to the streets of London to perform his award-winning rope-spinning and whip-cracking show.
Passers-by in Kensington High Street cheered as Todd cracked his 8ft corded whip, stopped traffic and delighted crowds with his wedding rope trick.
Top 10 expressions of “cowboy culture” used by the British

Hello, partner
Make hay while the sun shines
Small hollow
Play second fiddle
I walked through the mill
Whole pork
above the board
cow rustle

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