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The work culture of our company is an integral part of the development of people


By Tanvi Rohatgi, People Director – India & Southeast Asia, AB InBev

Benjamin Franklin’s famous words suggest – “Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.”

The belief at the heart of everything we do at AB InBev is that our greatest strength is our people, and that great people grow with their talent, with long-term thinking and results in mind. We believe in recruiting, developing and retaining people better than ourselves, and we are aware that meritocratic people choose themselves what they want. They want flexibility and they want purpose.

A recent report from a consulting firm indicates that 50% of leaders see business problems due to unforeseen skill gaps. Another statistic mentions that 25% of skills for the same profession have changed from 2015 to 2021, and 40% of skills will be changed by 2025 even to do the same job.

Our 10 guiding principles place Our people and their development at the center of everything we do. They state – “We are powered by great people and build diverse teams through inclusion and collaboration”. In keeping with this spirit of letting our people become masters of their careers, we also encourage our talents to build a holistic view of business and take on assignments in functional verticals with incredible ease. It’s not uncommon to find someone in the People function today who will play a role in Commercial a few years later.

We have a high risk appetite, visible through our innovations which are often the result of conversations about beers and now also soft drinks. Failures are always seen as lessons leading to greater successes and are celebrated. We encourage innovation and creativity and

people to bring the best ideas to this agile culture and operate like a startup. As investors bet on companies, we bet on the talent of our employees and give them incredible opportunities to learn and explore their dreams.

To facilitate this mindset, we recently launched a program that is uniquely branded in the beverage industry – “On-Demand Learning Policy”. It offers our employees the desire to learn whatever they want, a concept that mimics a learner’s “Menu” that can be ordered. Our employees can choose what they want to learn, and their degrees and experiences don’t stop them from becoming the best version of themselves. The intention is to build a long-term vision and grow. We have targeted coaching for specific needs such as the “Female Leadership Program” to help prepare young female talent for the leadership of tomorrow, by engaging in candid conversations with senior leaders during Masterclasses.

We have a ‘cabinless’ culture and believe you don’t need a hierarchy to approach senior leaders with innovative ideas, open gaps for improvement and express candor. Through our belief in the power of empathy, collaboration, and self-awareness, letting people fail to ultimately become better, and rewarding meritocracy, we foster a culture of dreaming big to create a future with more cheers. Our employees create and share superior value through this growth environment.

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