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The sixth edition of the Neev Literature Festival is now online

BANGALORE: The city’s young readers are in for a treat as the annual Neev Literature Festival prepares to return to its physical location after two years of taking place online. The two-day festival will take place at the campus of Neev Academy in Yemalur, Bangalore on September 24-25. This year’s festival theme, “Reading takes you somewhere”, emphasizes the ability of books to free readers to explore different cultural viewpoints. and imagine new places in our globe.

The largest carefully curated book market for readers of all ages will also be on display at the event. Many events will take place during the festival, featuring renowned writers, librarians, award-winning filmmakers and storytellers who will engage audiences in conversation on a wide range of topics.

This year, the Neev Literature Festival will host 92 sessions with over 60 international speakers to educate young minds on topics such as climate change and writing from conflict zones. The occasion provides readers with a forum for conversation with prominent writers including Roopa Pai, Anushka Ravishankar, Paro Anand, Jane De Suza, Samina Mishra, Venita Coelho, Shabnam Minwalla, Sandhya Rao, Bijal Vaccharajani, Arundhati Venkatesh and Menaka Raman.

Arefa Tehsin will discuss her childhood as the daughter of a naturalist while Priya Narayanan will lead an interactive discussion on mythology and mathematics. Andaleeb Wajid, a well-known YA author, will teach students how to develop their own writing style in a masterclass. For parents of women who have made a name for themselves as documented in ancient sources dating back hundreds of years, historian Devika Rangachari will lead a Masterclass. Katie Day and Nadine Bailey, two international teacher-librarians, will discuss recent findings and methods used to develop readers in the classroom.

This festival is likely to be a literary paradise of fascinating discussion and knowledge gathering with 42 book readings by authors, 17 interactive sessions, 20 masterclasses for students and 13 programs for parents and teachers. The festival, which aims to promote the enjoyment of reading, will address current thought-provoking issues and make it an engaging experience for young and old alike.

The Neev Book Award jury members will announce the winners in each of the four award categories – Early Years (5-7 years old), Emerging Readers (6-8 years old), Junior Readers (9-12 years old) and Young Adult – – at the end of the first day of the event (13-18 years old).

The sixth edition of the Neev Literature Festival aims to promote the value of reading for lifelong learning and the ability of Indian literature to foster a sense of national identity. Children’s books are now literary mirrors and windows to the entire universe of potential due to changing family arrangements and frequent digital invasion.
With a report on the state of Indian children’s writing informing us that the children’s book market is limited and dominated by Western publications, the festival and the price of the book are adjusting their direction. Indian writings that focus on personal timeline, mythology, and folklore are great, but they must also portray the ideals and aspirations of India at 75 and India at 100. In India, the field of children’s literature also needs to become more financially viable. Kavita Gupta Sabharwal, co-founder and organizer of the festival, said that this is a community and an environment that she and the other founders of the festival are dedicated to creating for the future of our children.

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