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The problem people want to raise: irregular drainage system


Relentless rain over the past couple of days has exposed the drainage system in different parts of Mohali district.

In Zirakpur, the condition was very bad as the roads turned into ponds on Sunday. The drainage system in small towns like Kurali, Kharar, Zirakpur and Derabassi had been a problem for a long time, but the political parties had failed to solve it.

Ranjeet Kaka, a social worker who has led the agitation against poor health services in Kurali, told the Indian Express that they have been raising the issue for a long time. The political parties always said loud and clear that they would solve it, but the people suffered as usual.

“This time, we decided to show congestion footage to candidates and ask them for a time-limited solution to this problem. In small towns, the drainage system is very old and in many places the builders also encroached on the land and blocked the water flow, which is also a major reason for our problem,” Kaka added. .

Dinesh Kumar, a Phase V resident in Mohali, also blamed political parties for the bottleneck. “Our region had the worst waterlogging due to incessant rains in 2016. But the problem remains,” he added.

In Zirakpur, this is one of the biggest problems facing the city as people have to suffer due to waterlogging.

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