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The Minister of Tourism and Culture announced a public awareness rally

Schoolchildren will play an important role in ensuring public participation in the Amrit Independence Festival: Jaiveer Singh

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Main puri. Tourism and Culture Minister Jaiveer Singh signaled a public awareness gathering organized by Aman International School for public awareness of “Har Ghar Tiranga” freedom program for citizens of the city from the gate principal of the Transist Hostel, saying that school children will be playing an important role in ensuring people’s participation in the Amrit Independence Festival, the country’s future children have been continuously ensuring their participation in the success of this campaign for several days . Public awareness rallies are held daily in different parts of the neighborhood through school children, school children, participating in contests like paint, paint, essay etc. Demonstration of skill. He urged the students present to let all the children learn the glorious history of independence and discipline themselves by following the lives of the great men of the country and help move the country and the state on the path of progress.
The Minister of Tourism and Culture said that the whole country celebrates the Amrit Mahotsav of independence under the leadership of the central and state government. Also in Uttar Pradesh, the Cultural Department, as the nodal officer, is making continuous efforts to make this campaign a success. Cultural programs will be held in each neighborhood every day from August 11 to August 15 by the Ministry of Culture, this campaign is expected to become a people’s campaign, every citizen in the neighborhood is associated with the Amrit freedom festival in some way or to the other, each house during the tricolor campaign. The pride of the country should be hoisted in every home, store, establishment, government, non-governmental offices, public places. He said the young generation of the country, the children should be aware of the martyrs, the brave priests who gave their lives to liberate the country. There must be such an atmosphere in the district that from August 11 to August 17, the whole district must be seen in the color of patriotism, everyone must participate in the celebration of independence with full enthusiasm. He said that in the meantime, India‘s Partition Day would be celebrated on August 14, on the said date, a silent procession would be held by the family members suffering from the horror of partition. will go
On this occasion, Former Minister, MLA Bhogaon Ramnaresh Agnihotri, District Magistrate Avinash Krishna Singh, Superintendent of Police Kamlesh Dixit, Director of Development Vinod Kumar, Additional District Magistrate Ram Ji Mishra, District Magistrate Deputy Sadar Navodita Sharma, District President Pradeep Chauhan, Former MPP Ashok Chauhan, Provincial Vice President Alok Gupta, Suman Chauhan, Aman International School staff, students etc. were present.

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