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The diamond of Russia enters fraudulently..? Uncontrollable

The diamond of Russia enters fraudulently..!? Uncontrollable countries..!

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Russian diamonds are secretly sold every month. This has affected the global diamond and diamond trading market, which ranges from diamond factories in Mumbai to luxury jewelry stores on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many of the world’s major traders and suppliers are Russian. They refuse to buy and use diamonds. In addition, US sanctions have been imposed on the Russian diamond mining company Alrosa PJSC.
But a few Indian and Belgian diamond dealers saw the right moment and had the opportunity to search for quality and unique diamonds among the diamonds accumulated by the world without competition. So, not only by choosing the best diamond, but due to the lack of competition, Indian and Belgian diamond dealers were given the opportunity to buy at a lower price. And this trade was done in secret without even the knowledge of the diamond world.Although Indian and Belgian diamond dealers have not broken any rules, when countries around the world have imposed bans, no one can stop or trace these diamonds as they enter the international supply chain. Diamonds are sold in lots in the diamond market, which means they are sold on the basis of a single size and quality. Thus, the Russian diamond cannot be separated or discovered in isolation. There are approximately 15,000 varieties of diamond.In this case, before the war, European and American companies bought all the diamonds from the Russian company Alrosa PJSC, but now orders for new diamonds are piling up from Alrosa PJSC’s rival company, De Beers. After the Ukrainian war, not only the world but also the diamond trade split in two. Russia dominates not only crude oil, gas, weapons and technology, but also diamonds to a large extent.

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