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Telling figures: a ranking of countries on drug policies and implementation


The first Global Drug Policy Index, released Sunday by the Harm Reduction Consortium, ranks Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Australia among the top five countries for humane and drug-focused drug policies. health.

The five lowest ranked countries are Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico. India ranks 18 out of 30 countries

WHAT IS THIS INDEX: It is a comprehensive data-driven analysis of drug policies and their implementation. It is made up of 75 indicators covering five major dimensions of drug policy: criminal justice, extreme responses, health and risk reduction, access to internationally controlled drugs and development.

This is a project of the Harm Reduction Consortium, whose partners are: the European Network of People who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD), the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), the Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs ( ENPUD), Global Drug Policy Observatory (GDPO) / Swansea University, Harm Reduction International (HRI), International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA), West African Drug Policy Network ( WADPN), Women and Harm Reduction International Network (WHRIN) and Youth RISE.

Rankings of selected countries

READ THE RANKS: Norway, although leading the index, only got a score of 74/100. And the median score across the 30 countries and dimensions is only 48/100. “48 out of 100 is a drug policy failure in anyone’s book. None of the countries assessed should be happy with their drug policy score, as no country has achieved a perfect score. Or anywhere nearby, ”said Ann Fordham, executive director of the International Drug Policy Consortium, which led the development of the index with partners from the Harm Reduction Consortium.

India has an overall score of 46/100. On the criteria for the use of extreme penalties and responses, he obtained a score of 63/100, on health and risk reduction, 49/100; on the proportionality of the criminal justice response, 38/100; on availability and access to internationally controlled substances for the relief of pain and suffering, 33/100.

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