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Telangana wither under high taxes and tariffs: Bandi

On Friday, Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party Chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar claimed that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government led by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had made the lives of ordinary people “miserable” by abnormally increasing various taxes, tariffs, etc. electricity and state-run RTC bus fares. .

Speaking to reporters after interacting with RTC bus passengers, drivers and conductors at Jubilee Bus Station, Secunderabad, he accused KCR ‘does not want the poor and middle class in the state to lead a normal life with the recent blind hike in electricity tariffs, property tax, drinking water tax, fuel value added tax and now RTC bus fares”.

TSRTC fares have been increased five times in the space of three years, he pointed out and accused the Chief Minister of “depriving the poor of their only means of transport by abnormally increasing bus fares in the name of the diesel tax. Cess must be revoked immediately.

First, bus fees were increased by 25% after the end of the RTC strike in 2019, then, a security tax was imposed followed by a “round number” increase, the third was a fee increase Palle Velugu bus pass and the fourth was an increase in bus pass fares, Karimnagar BJP MP noted.

He said while it only cost less than ₹200 to travel from Hyderabad to Karimnagar by bus before 2018, now it costs over ₹300. The BJP leader questioned the need to impose the diesel tax on the public as the Center cut excise duty on petrol and diesel by reducing their prices by ₹15 and ₹17, respectively in six months.

“The KCR government levies 35.2% VAT on petrol, which is the highest in the country, to earn ₹30 per litre,” he said, noting that while petrol costs ₹94 in from states like Punjab, it costs ₹110 in Telangana. Around ₹65,000 crore was collected by the state government on behalf of VAT, he said.

Yet, TSRTC employees are being denied on-time wages with the five pending ADs and also paying review board dues. “Despite high fares, the public sector transport body continues to be in debt with valuable RTC properties leased to TRS leaders and MPs, as well as a reduction in the fleet to 6,000 from 10,000 and an increase private buses from 1,200 to 3,000, he added.


Later, addressing a meeting of party workers in Kukatpally, Mr Sanjay Kumar said he was ready for a debate on the eight-year rule of the KCR and that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on aspects job creation, law and order, corruption and the family regime.

“Our party has come a long way from two MPs in Parliament and is accused of being an upper caste party where minorities like Muslims and Christians will not support and weaker sections like SC/ST and BC will stay away. But, what has happened now, we are in the majority in Lok Sabha with 303 MPs and have formed a government in 19 states due to the sacrifice of our founding leaders and cadres,” he said. declared.

Mr. Modi’s development and social welfare programs have won global praise and support from within the country by delivering corruption-free governance, he claimed and compared it to the situation in Telangana where KCR had deceived various sections unable to deliver on the promises made.

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