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Tamil cinema spoils youth and poisons Tamil culture: Puthiya Tamilagam, says Dr Krishnasamy


Puthiya Tamilagam party leader Dr. K. Krishnasamy has accused Tamil movie directors of poisoning young minds and exploiting them by glorifying violence and obscenity.

He also said that few Tamil movie makers are peddling distorted story for the political agenda.

“Tamil directors incorporate more violent and obscene scenes in their films. Watching such films spoils young people. If the current trend continues, sickle culture will spread throughout Tamil Nadu. Directors make such films because they are aware of the weaknesses of the current generation. They misled them,” he said.

He went on to say that Kamal Haasan’s film Virumaandi glorifies the caste and sickle culture that has blighted Tamil culture.

“The 2004 film Chandiyar (Virumandi), which glorifies caste and sickle culture and features lewd scenes, damaged Tamil culture. If you constantly promote negative thoughts in a three-hour movie and only offer positive advice at the end, your message won’t get across to the audience. The policy of Tamil Nadu is decided by the movie industry, which should have been just for fun,” Dr Krishnasamy said.

He also cited the example of the film Komban starring Karthi saying that his party protested against the film as it glorified violence.

“When we protested the film Komban, which had so many violent scenes, many people in the film industry questioned whether it was appropriate to restrict freedom of expression. The same director who previously said movies should only be enjoyed for their entertainment value now advocates using them as a political tool to propagate their agenda. he said in light of the recent controversy over the use of films to politicize society.

He continued, “What we wanted to convey to the film industry is that you should just focus on your business and refrain from using films for political purposes.”

He accused the Tamil film industry of distorting Tamil history and fomenting animosity among Tamil communities.

He added, “People in the film industry are promoting Periyar. However, Periyar himself said that we should abolish cinema like we do alcohol. The film industry has tried to make young Tamils ​​addicted to movies, just as a large number of them became drug addicts in Tamil Nadu. We warn actors, directors and film producers who attempt to twist Tamil history in order to advance their own political agenda.

Dr Krishnasamy also responded to the claim by some celebrities that there is only Saivism and Vaishnavism in Tamilnadu and no Hinduism.

“Saivam and Vainavam are the two branches of the Hindu religion just like Christianity has divisions such as Roman Catholics, Protestants and Muslims have Shiites and Sunnys. I’m curious how these people, who have such a poor understanding of religion, make films. Indian culture considers everyone and everything worthy of reverence, including trees. These are all elements of Hinduism. Worshiping the sun god and the cow during Pongal is also part of the Hindu tradition. Although they have no basic knowledge and understanding of faith, they (movie celebrities) speak like intellectuals in the movie. They are all agents of another religion. They are mercenaries,” he said.

In response to the current debates over Hinduism in Tamil Nadu, he said these were attempts to establish a narrative for the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Speaking about the incident in Chidambaram a few days ago where a polytechnic student tied Mangalsuthra (Thaali) to a uniformed schoolgirl at the bus stop, Krishnasamy claimed that Tamil cinema had defiled the youths of the Tamil Nadu, which led the boy to try to show his heroism.

He also hinted at criticism for Nayanthara, who announced the birth of her child just four months after getting married. He also said that the time had come to abolish cinema altogether.

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