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Taiwan-China conflict: ASEAN countries have opposed China’s position on the Taiwan Strait, fearing a global war

China became very aggressive after US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China continued its military exercises near the Taiwan Strait to express its anger. This military exercise has not only touched Taiwan and Japan, but its heat has reached ASEAN countries. ASEAN countries have also opened a front against the dragon against Chinese aggression. If the ASEAN countries stand against China, the dragon will be completely isolated in the Indo-Pacific region.

Foreign affairs expert Professor Harsh V Pant said the type of response China gave to US Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a wake-up call for EU countries. ASEAN. Professor Pant said this has increased the feeling of insecurity in ASEAN countries. Foreign ministers of ASEAN countries also strongly condemned the Chinese military exercise near the island of Taiwan following the visit of US leader Nancy Pelosi. ASEAN countries said Nancy’s visit was peaceful. In such a situation, the Chinese army’s military exercise was not justified. This is why after the Chinese missile fell near Japan, America declared that it stood firmly with Japan. He said China’s decision has increased resentment in ASEAN countries, which is not a good sign for China.

He said that after China’s military exercise, Japan strongly condemned it and said that now is the time to firmly oppose Chinese threats. He said that now the nations that are suffering from China will soon be united regarding Taiwan. It is dangerous for China. Especially when China wants to increase its dominance in the Indian Pacific region and the South China Sea. He said the barricade against China may intensify in the future. In such a situation, it can be isolated throughout the area.

He said the Chinese military had conducted a military exercise only about 100 kilometers from Taiwan. Chinese military exercises near Japan’s southern outer islands have also become a source of concern for Japan. He said the Chinese military was conducting military exercises near Japanese islands, including Yonaguni, just 100 km from Taiwan, and Senkakus. He said that Senkakus is an island which is ruled by Japan. However, the island has been claimed by both Taiwan and China. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi strongly condemned Chinese missiles that fell in the country’s exclusive economic zone. He said it was a threat to Japan’s national security and to the lives of the Japanese people.

In the latest developments, ASEAN countries have expressed concern over the continuing tension in the Gulf of Taiwan. The Policy Research Group said at the 27-nation meeting, ASEAN countries warned that the consequences of the war could not yet be explained. These countries called on Beijing to exercise as much restraint as possible. China also participated in this meeting. According to the report, China did not expect this from ASEAN countries and after that, the Chinese foreign minister immediately left the meeting.

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