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tagore: Tagore is India’s greatest gift to world literature and art: Intach convenor | Amaravati News

GUNTUR: Paying floral tributes to Nobel Laureate Ravindranth Tagore, India’s National Trust for Art, Culture and Heritage (INTACH) District Officer SVS Lakshminarayana said Tagore was the greatest gift from the Mother India to world literature and art.
He said Tagore inspired millions to participate in the fabric of freedom with his invaluable poetry, music, art and literature. Tagore Memorial Theater Trust (TMTT), which runs the city’s famous Sri Venkateswara Vignana Mandiram Auditorium, hosted Tagore’s birth anniversary on Saturday. Penumatsa Ramachandra Raju, Secretary of TMTT, chaired the session.
Speaking on this occasion, Lakshminarayana said that Tagore had practically revolutionized Indian literature with his modern school of thought. He said the arrival of Tagore even transformed the rich heritage of Bengali literature. “It is very difficult to describe the depth of Tagore’s knowledge of countless subjects in a few lines or a few minutes. He was a miracle on earth because he was a poet, musician, artist, composer, playwright, philosopher, painter and social reformer. I don’t think we can find another person with so many globally recognized abilities,” Lakshminarayana praised.
TMTT Secretary PR Raju said the very name of Tagore inspired them in organizing literary programs in the city. He said Tagore would live on in the hearts of millions of art and literature lovers around the world. Hindu college English teacher Dr. Navin Kumar Chukka amused the audience when he recounted the life and literary works of Tagore. He said students and the younger generation should take Tagore as a role model to mold themselves to beat the odds.
“Tagore lost his mother in childhood. His father traveled across the country to organize literary meetings and meet with freedom fighters. Tagore surprised the world with his stunning works when he was growing up,” said Dr Naveen. He said Tagore was a real Gurudev and Viswa Kavi. He said that the students knew Tagore as the author of the national anthem-Jana Gana Mana, but they had to learn more to become multitaskers, because Tagore was not only a literary legend, but he was also a swimming champion and a judo expert. “Is it possible for one person to become a champion in so many areas? Maybe not! That’s why we call him Gurudev,” Dr Naveen said.

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