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Study Abroad: Cost of Education, Countries’ Handling of Pandemic, Key Factors to Determine Students’ Choice of Courses, Survey Finds


The survey showed that the most recent global wave of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has affected many students’ study abroad plans.

To study abroad: Indian students have been looking for options to study abroad even during the coronavirus pandemic. Also in 2021, there was a strong admission into international universities of Indian students. However, just as education has become hybrid, it seems that international education has also become hybrid. According to the Study Abroad Survey from the EdTech platform, WorldGrad found that Indian students increasingly prefer the hybrid mode of education. According to the survey, the last few months have seen an increase of around 17% in the number of students choosing to study in hybrid mode, rising from 55% to 72% in the last eight nine months.

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The survey showed that the most recent global wave of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has affected many students’ study abroad plans. Parameters that have been affected include travel, finances as well as study mode.

He also found that now the cost of education is playing an increasingly important role in students’ choice of education. He said that the ranking of universities as well as the cost of education was considered the most important factor in the choice of institutions and education by an equal number of students. There was also a huge overlap in these groups. Of all the students who responded to the survey, 72% chose to go in hybrid mode – choosing to study online for part of the course and on campus for the remaining part in an effort to reduce costs.

A few months ago, this figure was 55%, specifies the platform.

The pandemic also played a major role in this aspect, as 66.8% of students who responded to the survey agreed that their education plans abroad had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, such as for many many students, their parents were not comfortable with moving their children. abroad in such a situation.

The third most important factor for students in choosing their courses was how destination countries were handling COVID-19 situations. As a result, while the United States emerged as the preferred destination for Indian students (preferred by 41%), Canada was next (21%), followed by Australia and the United Kingdom (18% and 16% respectively). This seems to be positive news for Australia as well as the United States, which had not been favored by international students amid the pandemic earlier.

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