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Students in class 10 can download the PDF format

New Delhi: The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) conducted the English Literature Exam 2 for Semester 1 on Tuesday at various centers across the country. The first semester exam for English Literature 2 was conducted from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. as a single team. With the exam now complete, the experts have posted the exam answer sheet online on various platforms.Also Read – CBSE Term 1 2022 Board Exams: Students Protest Jantar Mantar, Urge Board To Host Hybrid Mode Exams

Candidates can consult the answer key to the English literature article ICSE 2 for the correct answers to multiple choice questions. Students should be aware that some of the educators uploaded response keys to their social media platforms, citing it as official, however, CISCE has not officially released any response keys. Also Read – Revised Karnataka 2nd PUC Mid-Term Review Timeline Released: Check Full Timeline Here

According to student and expert feedback, the difficulty level of Class 10 English Paper was moderate and was not difficult as expected. The students said the questions were doable and if someone had read the chapter they could have solved the paper. Also Read – ICSE, ISC Board Exams 2022: CISCE Issues Enhancement / Additional Review Notice | Details here

ICSE English Literature Term 1 Answer Key

Question n ° Answer key Question n ° Answer key Question n ° Answer key
1. VS 2. D 3. VS
4. B 5. A 6. B
7. B 8. VS 9. D
ten. A Q11. (I) A (ii) A
(iii) VS (iv) B (v) D
Q 12. (I) A (ii) B (iii) B
(iv) VS (v) D Q13. (I) D
(ii) VS (iii) D (iv) VS
(v) A Q14. (I) B (ii) A
(iii) B (iv) D (v) VS
Q15. (I) B (ii) VS (iii) VS
(iv) D (v) A Q16. (I) D
(ii) D (iii) B (iv) A
(v) B

The response key from the ICSE English Literature document that has been shared by the experts is only an attempt and the actual response key is likely to be different from those given now.

Students should note that the curriculum for English Literature Paper 2 was released earlier by the council and had mentioned issues from chapters such as The Merchant of Venice, Nine Gold Medals, and short stories like Tout l summer in a day, The Little Match Girl.

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