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Soca Invasion brings Caribbean culture to Ghana in January


Soca Invasion, an annual getaway party series that takes place in the world’s most exotic places, will make its next stop in Accra, Ghana, next year.

The event brought Soca and Caribbean culture to countries like Portugal, Dubai, the Dominican Republic and Panama. In 2022, from January 13 to 19, residents of Ghana and tourists alike will enjoy six days of non-stop parties and celebrations that will showcase a magnificent blend of Caribbean culture and the richness of Africa’s traditional way of life. from West.

The locations for Soca Invasion are chosen at random. The criterion is that the contenders are popular tourist hotspots. Dynasty Entertainment and Dynasty Music Group CEO Roderick Burnett said it was sold to Ghana as one of the possible locations for the event after visiting the country a few years ago.

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“When I went to Ghana, I fell in love,” Burnett told Caribbean National Weekly.

Although the venues for the Soca Invasion event are typically located outside of the Caribbean region, Burnett said he finds people around the world have turned to parties and are welcoming culture with open arms.

“There are a lot of Caribbean people in some of the places where we’ve had past events, like Panama and the Dominican Republic. So many Antilleans from these countries joined us. And Soca has this energy that draws you in, so a lot of people come on board just to smell it, ”he said.

With the upcoming staging of Soca Invasion Weekend, Burnett said his team wanted to bridge the divide between Caribbean and West African culture.

“On the second day, when we get there, there will be an event called Afrobeats Meets Reggae and Soca. As an introduction to what we are trying to accomplish on the continent, it makes sense to incorporate these two genres into what we do, ”he explained. “When we have this kind of fusion where diaspora cultures come together, everyone wins. “

Burnett also said the six-day event will include a tour of slave castles in Ghana – a move that was inspired by his visit to Ghana, which he said was moving.

Guests will also have the option of choosing between two luxury hotel rooms. Security measures will be respected, specifies the team.

By bringing the event to the city of Accra, Burnett said will not only contribute to the necessary progression of the tourism and arts sector, but also enable exponential growth in other areas of the economy such as travel and tours, arts and crafts, music and dance and Ghanaian cuisine.


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