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Professor Assad Khan
Language and literature, like other factors of culture and heritage, establish the identity of a society. The richness of languages, literature, culture and heritage keeps community pride high.
It is said that the identity of communities can be erased by demolishing their art, culture and heritage, as well as the value system of these communities. It then becomes necessary for communities to affirm their identity by contributing and promoting their art, culture and heritage. In today’s article, I would like to reflect on Dr Snobar, a Punjabi poet, critic, teacher and social worker who creates and promotes Punjabi literary art, which she inherited from her father who had been a writer and Punjabi language poet, as well as editor of a Punjabi magazine.
Dr. Snobar is an emerging and talented Jammu and Kashmir poet, critic and teacher from Jammu and Kashmir who is making her mark with modern Punjabi poetry and poetry on feminism, as well as criticism, and who has established her identity as a poetess with her first collection of Punjabi poetry “Farishta”.Dr. Snobar is not only a poet but also a senior assistant professor in the government’s Punjabi department. College for Women (GCW), Parade Ground, Jammu.
Dr. Snobar was born at her mother’s house in KhatikaTalab, Jammu on October 5, 1980 but grew up in Sidhwan Dona village in Kapurthala district, Punjab. She lives with her family in the region of Vidhata Nagar, Bathindi, Jammu.
She matriculated from the Punjab School Education Board in 1995. She graduated from Sant Hira Dass Kanya Maha Vidyala, Kala Sanghian, Kapurthala, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in 2000, and MA in Punjabi from the University of Jammu in 2002 (obtained first place and honored with a gold medal. After that, Dr. Snobar was awarded a Doctorate (Ph.D) in 2006. She completed her Bachelor of Education from the University of Jammu in 2008. She has also passed Urdu Amoz exam Dr. Snobar is fluent in many languages ​​i.e. Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English and Dogri.
Dr. Snobar has been recognized not only as a teacher or poet, but also as a critic. In 2008, she made a name for herself as a critic by dedicating her first book “Nari Chetna Di Kavita” (Alochna/Critique) to the Punjabi literature of Jammu & Kashmir. In her book review, she discussed feminism and raised her voice for women’s rights. She analyzed Indian feminism and Western feminism in this book. She also analyzed the poems of 7 Punjabi female poets on the basis of feminism. The second edition of his book “Nari Chetna” (Review) was published in 2021.
Besides, Dr. Snobar has also made a name for himself in the field of Punjabi poetry. Lately, she wrote and published her collection of Punjabi poetry “Farishta” (Kaav Sangreh) in 2021. In this book, she touched many aspects of life and society. She also knew how to create feminine sensations through this book. Famous Punjabi writers like Surjit Patar, Manjit Indira, Khalid Hussain, Bhajan Singh Virk and Satish Gulati shared their views on this book. In addition, Dr. Snobar has also made a name for himself in Punjabi literature through poetry collections “Rangrez” and “Jadon Aurat Shayar Hundi Hai” (Sanjha Kaav Sangreh), which have been published nationally and internationally. . She has also written and published a book titled “Punjabi Sufi Kaavatay Adhunik Punjabi Kavita” 2021 for UG students.
She has participated in a large number of advanced courses, seminars, conferences, webinars, literary programs, workshops and symposia organized by various organizations at the regional, national and international levels. Dr. Snobar has also participated in many international conferences and workshops. His name is mentioned as a writer in the “Who’s Who of Jammu and Kashmir Writers and Artists” J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages ​​directory in 2017.
Dr. Snobar has participated in numerous poetry programs for which she has received numerous certificates of appreciation locally, stately, nationally and internationally. She also receives the ‘Teacher Excellence Award 2021’ on September 5, 2021 – Certificate of Recognition.
She is a member of study council in many universities like University of Jammu, Cluster University of Jammu, DDE, University of Jammu and also a study council facilitator, Deptt of Punjabi GCW Parade Ground, Jammu and also a member of JKBOSE in the subject of Punjabi.
At present, Dr. Snobar is a Senior Assistant Professor of Punjabi at the Deptt. of Punjabi, Govt. Women’s College, Parade Ground, Jammu. At the same time, she contributes her skills to the advancement of the Punjabi language in Jammu and Kashmir.

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