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SilverLine DPR Expresses Anti-People Position: Satheesan | Kochi News


Kochi: Opposition leader VD Satheesan has said that details of the detailed project report (DPR) of the proposed K-Rail project reveal that the semi-high-speed train is an “anti-popular” project.
Satheesan told reporters in Kochi on Friday that the proposed project’s DPR recommends increasing the fair to third and second class AC tickets on existing trains and it also recommends increasing toll fares on highways across the state. , with the aim of making K-Rail a profitable project.
“The project only benefits high society people and it is totally against the interests of ordinary people,” he said, adding that the LDF government’s stubborn stance in favor of the project was proof of the strong corporate influence on the government led by the PMO.
“If the government is determined to move forward with the project, the opposition will not allow it. It appears that the government is trying to organize a campaign to gain public support for the project. The government should understand that the opposition can also organize such campaigns to publicize the project. The UDF will publish a brochure on the details of the project in the coming days, ”said the opposition leader.
Satheesan criticized that leaders within the CPM who have reservations about the project are not bold enough to voice their opinion because they would be kicked out of the party if they oppose the project. He said that the UDF does not need the support of any communal organization to make the protest against the project a great success.
“It was the LDF that joined forces with the SDPI in Erattupetta and the BJP in Kottayam. The UDF will soon launch the second phase of the protest against the railway project. We will show our power to stop an anti-popular project, ”he said.

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