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shirwal: Satara: 3 people try to sell a captured Indian sand boa | Kolhapur News

Kolhapur: Satara Forest Department on Wednesday arrested three people in Shirwal as they tried to sell an Indian sand boa.
The snake can sell for crores of rupees and is considered a double-sided snake used in black magic. It is therefore in high demand by poachers.
Rohan Bhate, Satara’s Honorary Wildlife Warden who is also a member of India’s Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, said: ‘I learned from a source that few people have caught a boa snake. sands and try to sell the snake. near Shirwal. Considering the seriousness of the incident, I informed Forest Officer Sachin Dombale (Mobile Team, Satara) after which a trap was set near a veterinary school on the road from Shirwal to Lonand.
Thus, on Wednesday around 5 p.m., three people on a motorcycle (MH 11 BF 2954) seemed suspicious. The forestry team caught them and, after investigation, a live Indian sand boa – 141 cm long and weighing 2 kg and 300 grams – was found with them. The three accused were taken into custody by the Forest Department. Further investigation is underway.
The three defendants, identified as Ravindra Kangale (42) from Shirwal, Aniket Yadav (24) from Masur and Santosh Kate (42) from Bhambre village near Umbraj, were arrested and their bicycles and three mobile phones have been seized.
The Indian sand boa falls under Schedule 4 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972
This step was taken under the guidance of Assistant Conservator of Forests (Satara) Mahadev Mohite, Range Forest Officer (Mobile Team) Sachin Dombale, Khandala Range Forest Officer Mahesh Patil, Rangers Dipak Gaikwad and Rahul Jagtap, rangers Vijay Bhosale, Ananda Jagtap and police constable Suhas Pawar.

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