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satchidanandan: “a cultural war for multiplicity” | Kochi News

Kochi: A culture war is going on between left and right groups and what is at stake is India’s complex multiplicity, said poet and critic K Satchidanandan.
Addressing a cultural gathering on the sidelines of the CPM state conference in Kochi on Thursday, Satchidanandan said right-wing activists are trying to portray freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi as villains by destroying their names and erasing them from history. He said they were twisting the “cultural language” in India to their advantage by poisoning it.
He said changes in a state’s culture will be evident from changes in its language. The language of a people is not only a group of words used in a structured way, but also a culture and a perspective.
“They give new and opposite meanings or definitions to certain words and concepts that we use in our language. In fact, they created a new dictionary with such words. For example, the word “terrorist” is now defined as “a person who defends the basic rights of people” and the word “traitor” refers to a person who loves people and tries to create a community based on equality and free from all exploitation,” he said.
Right-wing groups celebrate Martyrs’ Day (January 30) as Balidan Diwas celebrates the ‘martyrdom’ of Godse who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. They celebrate Christmas as Good Governance Day. “Gradually, our cultural language dies or receives new but extremely opposite definitions and meanings. Every sentence in the Constitution is defined differently now and that will lead to the death of our culture, he said.
“Many leaders that we revered and respected become villains in history. They built a big statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel not out of respect for the leader but to undermine and forget the contributions of those like Nehru and Gandhi,” a- he declared.
Satchidanandan urged Keralites to draw energy from the ongoing Kerala revival movement to combat these fascist tendencies. “The Renaissance is an ongoing phenomenon of cultural modernization in Kerala and it is our responsibility to push it forward at a time when the values ​​of the movement are under threat,” he said.
The cultural meeting was inaugurated by Mr. A. Baby, member of the political bureau of the CPM, and chaired by Mr. Swaraj. Besides Satchidanandan, writer MK Sanoo and Sunil P Elayidom also spoke at the meeting.

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