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Sampanthan to write to Indian Prime Minister on issues of peoples of the North and East

TNational Amil Alliance (TNA) leader R.Sampanthan said he would send a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi urging him to find a solution to the problems and problems of Tamil-speaking people in the north and east and to demand equal rights for Muslims in the north and east.

Sampanthan, who is withdrawing from active politics on the advice of doctors due to serious illness, said in a statement that the letter was sent in the hope that the Indian government would intervene as the Sri Lankan government failed to act. ‘did not deal with minority issues.

He also indicated that he would sign the letter sent to the Indian Prime Minister with the intervention of several Tamil parties.

Sampanthan said that there are many issues and problems for the Tamil and Muslim peoples in the north and east and that the two communities should unite as Tamil peoples for this purpose. He added that Tamil and Muslim politicians in the northern and eastern provinces have suffered great injustice due to the postponement of the provincial council elections and that the Tamil and Muslim communities in the north and east have suffered great injustice. were also seriously affected. The TNA chief said he decided to send a letter to the Indian prime minister asking for his intervention because the support of the Sri Lankan government was not enough to resolve the current problems.

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