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Restrictions are disappearing, but people aren’t too eager to attend weddings | Bhopal News

Bhopal: It seems people are slowly but surely learning the lessons of the pandemic. Call it a precaution or out of sheer fear, people aren’t very eager to attend weddings in large numbers. Although restrictions on the number of people at weddings have disappeared, the attendance of people is relatively low. On many occasions, the host was forced to reduce the number of guests because people were unwilling to show up. Ravi Shrivastava, a bank employee, recently organized his sister’s wedding ceremony and finalized reservations for 300 people, but only 200 showed up. So a lot of money was wasted.
“When the restrictions were lifted, we invited around 300 people and prepared meals for them. However, only 200 came. Food was prepared for 300 people and I was forced to bear the cost of even unused plates. People still don’t take any risks to attend weddings in large numbers,” Ravi said.
People said the third wave was still raging. “I haven’t attended almost 3 or 4 weddings. Attending weddings is a bit risky. I told the hosts that it wouldn’t be possible for me to attend weddings,” Bhushan Kumar said. Another host said such a situation will continue for a few more weeks. “Families cannot bring their children with them to functions, forcing them to cancel their visits,” Ashok Ahuja said.

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