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Restoring J&K People’s Constitutional Rights, Says CPI(M)’s Tarigami

J&K Chief Reports Huge, Unprecedented Disappointment Over Arbitrary Repeal of Section 370

J&K Chief Reports Huge, Unprecedented Disappointment Over Arbitrary Repeal of Section 370

CPI(M) leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Assembly legislator Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on Tuesday demanded the “restoration of constitutionally guaranteed rights” to J&K residents.

Emphasizing that “there is unprecedented and huge disappointment” in Kashmir and other parts of the former state “at what has been done arbitrarily”, Mr Tarigami told reporters from The Hindu Group that “we have this yearning to be counted. We need to be heard. Unfortunately, this opportunity was not offered to us. »

To a question, he clarified that “the restoration of rights” did not only mean the return to the State. “We want to be treated as citizens with rights,” he said.

Recalling the circumstances in which the repeal of Section 370, which granted special status to J&K, came into effect, he observed that it was done without obtaining “consent or even dialogue” with the people of the country. old state. “You can’t expect me to support you for what you do or claim to be doing for me and about me without me. It’s not good. It is not democratic. This is unacceptable to me as a citizen.

Recalling how former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao said, “the sky is the limit” and his successor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, spoke about the scope of “ insaniyat(humanity) on the issue of J&K autonomy, the CPI(M) leader said the Union government’s position went from one extreme to the other. J&K was “divided and reduced” into two union territories.

Emphasizing that Sections 370 and 35A were not impediments to integration with the rest of the country, he said that despite them, the former state had “easily accepted” the Goods and Services Tax regime ( GST).

Contrasting the central government’s approach to the northeast with that of J&K, Mr Tarigami said “there is no factory of terrorism” in Kashmir and “we should not force the forces that seek to undermine the relationship between the people of J&K and the Union of Indies.

He criticized the Center for its “reluctance” to hold elections for the J&K Assembly and for its decision to increase the strength of the legislature before the demarcation of J&K had even begun.

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