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Rehnuma Khan: A girl from Mumbai on a mission to give people a makeover

Indian women today are very ambitious and making a name for themselves in almost every field be it sports, business, banking, entrepreneurship etc. Rehnuma Khan who is from Mumbai is also one of those Indian women and she is climbing the ladder of success by growing her business but what sets her apart from others is the fact that she also helps others in the best possible way.

This beautiful and restrained girl who is a makeup artist by profession belongs to a middle-class family, and since childhood Rehnuma has been very interested in makeup and products related to it. As she grew older, she started exploring cosmetics which helped her a lot in increasing her knowledge base and she also tried them out in order to know the best way to use them. She chose to convert her passion into her profession, which certainly helped her to become one of the leading makeup artists of the current era.

However, Rehnuma Khan was not 100% satisfied with what she was doing as she saw that many girls had skin issues which can be covered by cosmetics but cannot be treated. She wanted to treat her customers’ skin problems, so she decided to come up with a product that not only makes a person look beautiful, but also makes them beautiful in reality by treating skin problems. She started making new products by mixing various items and tried them on herself and on her family members and after spending a lot of time and energy she managed to create a very effective cream to transform a dark complexion into a light and fair complexion. get rid of pimples, blackheads, black spots, wrinkles and signs of aging. The cream can be used by both men and women and comes in two versions – for the face and for the body.

Rehnuma Khan named his whitening cream Khushi because it is meant to bring happiness into the lives of those who are fed up with their skin problems. She also educates and imparts knowledge to her fans and followers by posting helpful beauty tips on her Instagram account (@makeupbyrehnumakhan) and the huge level of popularity she enjoys can be determined by the fact that she has around 118,000 followers on Instagram.

Rehnuma Khan also organizes courses for those who aspire to become makeup artists but do not have enough resources and she gives full support to women who have no one to look after them. Not only does she teach the art of makeup to her students, but she also promotes them in order to increase their clientele and help them establish themselves in this market.

Apart from this, Rehnuma also helps small businesses and startups by promoting them on her social media page for free but only after authenticating company and product details to ensure that she does not do the promoting no business that works. with malicious intent. With this, Rehnuma Khan uses not only his knowledge but also his popularity to benefit those who are trying to establish themselves in the market with limited resources.

Regarding Rehnuma Khan’s sense of fashion and styling, she is heavily influenced by Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and people close to Rehnuma say there are many similarities between the makeup artist and the actress. .

There was a time when beauty expert Shahnaz Husain ruled the Indian beauty world and every girl would listen to him and use his products to enhance their beauty but now it is the beginning of a new era and it will be Rehnuma Khan who will lead the industry and guide people in improving their beauty.

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