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Rashmika Mandanna misses Coorg’s home cooking and wine culture


Rashmika Mandanna enjoyed a delicious Sunday brunch with Curly Tales editor Kamiya Jani with an assortment of dishes. Ranging from bhindi fries, dal, chawal, sushi, noodles, pasta and even desserts, Rashmika Mandanna relished the food we prepared for her. However, when asked by Kamiya Jani if ​​she misses home-cooked food, Rashmika Mandanna quickly replies how much she misses it all. Finally, Rashmika also talks about Coorg Cuisine and what sets it apart from other Indian cuisines. And we couldn’t stop listening to it from here. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re a Rashmika Mandanna fan.

Rashmika Mandanna discusses Coorg cuisine: rice, wine and pork dishes

As Rashmika thinks about home-cooked food and all the things she missed, she also dwells on the subject of Coorg cooking. She talks about what the Coorgis eat and the dishes they prefer. Rashmika says, “The Coorgis have a different kind of cuisine. It has a lot to do with rice, pork and all that. Ours is different. We have wine in our culture and it’s different there. Well, we were totally mesmerized by the Coorg kitchen that Rashmika talked about during Sunday brunch with Zomato. And I can’t wait to tell you more.

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All About Coorg’s Kitchen, Rashmika Talks Sunday Brunch With Curly Tales

Kitchen Rashmika Mandanna CoorgOnce Rashmika Mandanna mentioned Coorg’s cuisine, it made us a bit curious as to what is the staple food that Coorg people love. We’ve also compiled a list of all the Coorg cuisine dishes you can try that Rashmika mentions. Also, did we tell you that Rashmika loves to eat sweets? Yes, the Puspa actor savors anything sweet and says she can even live on it. While we wait for the last episode of Sunday Brunch with Kamiya Jani, here are some Coorg dishes you absolutely must try.

Kadambuttu: This dish is a famous Coorg dish made from rice. These are steamed rice flour dumplings served with a coating of butter. It is usually served with Pandi curry or any vegetable curry.

Pandi Curry: This is a famous pork curry that the people of Coorg love. It is usually served with Kadambuttu or rice balls. Pandi curry is distinguished by its tangy and spicy flavors.

Akki Otti: When Rashmika mentioned the rice-based Rotis, we totally guessed it was Akki Otti. This is a must see for locals in Coorg. And, they usually like to savor it with a delicious Pandi Curry.

There is more to the Coorg kitchen in the words of Rashmika. Learn all about it in the latest episode of Sunday Brunch with Zomato, this Sunday.

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