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Race theory was created to divide people, says governor

Realizing that it was not possible to replicate their North American experiment of killing the native population through slaughter and the spread of disease in India, as it was a highly evolved civilization and economy, the British have decided to weaken the unity of the country and instill an inferiority complex in the natives, Governor RN Ravi said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the 54th Annual Convocation of Madurai Kamaraj University, the Governor said the British decided to maintain their empire, weaken India’s unity and destroy its economy, because the India was a highly evolved civilization and economy, and this was recorded by the Europeans themselves.

He said that the British learned about waterproofing ships from the Cholas and that India was a great sea power. Likewise, they acquired other technical know-how and did not stop there, but also killed the native industry. They also killed the native education system and introduced their method of rote learning so people could serve as servants of their business, the governor said.

When the “fire of freedom” started in the country, they created literature about Aryans and Dravidians as races, when it was only a geographical distinction, he said. declared. He urged people not to get carried away with such literature and instead go to the archives and educate themselves on these matters.

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Kamaraj, the governor said, was a great nationalist, who rose from humble beginnings to the level of Bharat Ratna. The governor said Mr Kamaraj’s life, especially the way he laid the foundations for education reforms and brought schools to villages, was a lesson for everyone. He also brought about a reform of agriculture and industries. He was instrumental in bringing IIT to Madras, the governor said.

Mr. Ravi advised the students to dream big and follow their dreams. There was no gain without pain, he said. He told them not to lose self-confidence and never be intimidated by failures. He asked them to “think new”. The country has woken up and by the 100th year of independence, India should become a world leader, he said. “Everyone has to work towards this goal, be part of it and be in tune with it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is betting on youth,” he added.

Union Minister of State for Fisheries L. Murugan said the Prime Minister was promoting Tamil and noted that a chair in the name of freedom fighter Subramania Bharathi had been established at the Banaras Hindu University. Young people must become job providers and not job seekers. The national education policy emphasized learning in the mother tongue. This will promote Tamil, he said.

National Center for Biological Sciences Full Professor P. Balaram and Madurai University Vice Chancellor Kamaraj J. Kumar also spoke at the event. A total of 905 doctoral students and 136 deserving students were honored with medals.

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